Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Seven Years Ago

Have you ever tried to send back a blessing?  Have you ever faced something in your life that you didn't want to?  Asked God, "why me"? "not now", or "no thanks"?  Such was the case for me when we found out we were expecting our third child.  I know it sounds heartless.  Our youngest was one year old, I had found a perfect little part time job and our life was manageable.  Thank goodness it didn't stay that way.

Seven years ago at 12:12 am our little Emma Louise was born.  I really don't know what it is about the "baby" of the family, but they present such a different dynamic.  Each of our kids are special in their own way, but Emma is my baby.  I have noticed that she doesn't really need me any more and it makes me sad.  She is growing up, getting more and more interested in fashion and acting older every day.  She still has an active imagination, but she's doing fairly well in school and loves every second of the social interaction.

Some recent quotes I've heard lately, (regarding the gingerbread houses we're going to make together at school) "Mommy, can I pick out your outfit when you come into my school [so you don't wear something like that]?  She wants me to wear my leather blazer to decorate gingerbread houses.  No.  Another quote (regarding our recent trip to the State Capitol in the rain), "I don't like this place, I like my country, Pennsylvania, better".  On every visit to a house where people have heels - she's digging in their closets the second we arrive. 

Seven years ago I was chugging 3oz of castor oil mixed with orange juice.  It tasted a little like chap stick, but boy did it work [fast]! :)

When we told Josh that we were having a girl he remarked, "oh, good - that way Kate will have someone to play with while I'm at school".  And was he ever right.  Those girls love each other more than anyone I've ever seen.  They fight, but they make up fast.  I found them this morning snuggling in Emma's bed (at 5am) - Kate remarked, "I needed somebody".  It is my prayer that they remain close through their lives. 

I'm making her waffles for breakfast - with strawberries, bananas, and a scoop of ice cream!  She wanted Josefina, the American Girl doll for her birthday.  We'll have a family birthday party for her on Friday night with some of her favorites: hot dogs, wings, green beans, baked potato soup, fruit salad, green salad, and many other yummy treats. 

Happy Birthday to my baby, Emma - please stop growing up!


  1. Oh, Happy Birthday, Emma! :o) Hope your day is filled with sweet memories that you can cherish forever. LittleGirl and 'baby' is 7 too. She's a fashionista who loves to rate my outfits each day. LOL Enjoy the day celebrating! :o)

  2. Kirs-please give Emma Lou a big birthday hug from Aunt Jean--I haven't kept up on cards at all this year-sorry! You describe your "baby" so well! I've never seen a child be able to play by herself & be so entertained as Emma! She's in a world of her own & I love her dearly--happy birthday sweet girl!!

  3. Im late to the party - Im so sorry.

    Hope your day was wonderful Emma! Big hugs from Australia!

  4. A happy very belated birthday to Emma. Love the photos, she's so cute. Hope she had a lovely day.