Friday, April 29, 2011

Grilled Veggie Sandwiches

Today is Friday - my Favourite Thing is grilling!

It's almost May - I'm hoping the April showers are about over, and it will be nice to be able to spend some more time outside as a family.  We've had several tornado warnings and many severe storms over the past few weeks.

I grill all year long, but in the spring and summer our fare becomes lighter and the grill gets used much more often.  I am definitely into convenience, so a gas grill is perfect for a quick [charred] fix.

Grilled vegetables are extremely versatile.  I mix them into soups, with pasta, or we simply eat them "as is".  I typically grill: zucchini, eggplant, mushrooms, peppers, onions, and cherry tomatoes.  I toss them with olive oil, salt, pepper, and herbes de provence.

In this case, a loaf of french bread, a log of fresh mozzarella, and some prepared pesto created the perfect lunch. 

All that's left is to wrap the sandwich in parchment and aluminum foil and bake at 350 for about 25 minutes. Sadly, I sent this sandwich off to work with Rob for a staff lunch. But, the result from the baking is that the cheese melts, and the bread becomes crusty on the outside but soft on the inside. The versatility is endless in this sandwich - different veggies, various cheeses, sun-dried tomato pesto,  or the addition of prosciutto to name a few [variations].

A little world of advice - this is perfect with some tomato bisque for dipping!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe. I am definitely going to try it.

  2. that looks soooo good. and when I think of grilling I think of the bbq outside or a grilled cheese sandwich .. I like yours so much better. I'll have to give it a try. thanks.

  3. Yum, thanks for sharing this one. I have some herbes de provence in the pantry which I haven't used yet, so will definitely try them with this.

  4. I saw that french loaf with the cheese & veggies & said---mmmmmmmmmm--that looks delish! Haven't had supper yet-russ working late out in the field! Will deinitely try this one!
    Aunt Jean
    PS: have you pulled any rhubarb yet? I can't wait! but, it's at least a week or 2 out for me yet-going to Amish/Mennonite greenhouses tomorrow in NE Iowa for my first flower fix!! Have a great weekend!

  5. It looks lovely but Im not friends with vegetables at the moment- pop on over to see why..

    Can you make me one and send it on over because it really does look scrumptious? Tell Rob he ate my lunch!

  6. Yummmmm love roast veggies, never thought of putting them in a sandwich. Great FTF

  7. Now I am craving one of those sandwiches, it looks amazingly delicious. Isn't it funny how looking at what someone else has created does that to you....thanks for the inspiration! :-)

  8. Kirsten, this sandwich was amazing, as was the soup, fruit and tiramisu cupcakes! Just wanted to say thank you for preparing such a wonderful spread. And being the lone vegetarian, I am certainly thankful for so many choices. You are the best!