Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Marco Island Marriott Beach Resort

Rob and I have been blessed with generous family that host us when we travel.  We have rarely have had the need to stay in a hotel. Our recent stay at the Marco Island Marriott Beach Resort was an exception.  Rob was invited to speak to a group of businessmen and explain the benefits of charitable giving and estate planning.  We were able to stay at the resort and it was fabulous.  I have never stayed in a nicer room and haven't had the luxury of staying at a beach resort since I was 18 (or 16 years ago, for you that must know!).

the view from our room

the view from the 7th floor

I am fully unfamiliar with the concept of being catered to.  We vacation often, but our vacations are similar to how we live at home.  This past week, though, we ate meals on a patio 200 feet from the Gulf of Mexico.  Our room was less than 30 steps from the beach.  It was something I could definitely get used to!

our room

The hotel has recently undergone a $225 million renovation.  The surroundings are lush.  There are two pools, three miles of white-sand beach and every amenity you could ask for.  The most impressive part, though, were the attitudes of the employees.  They were so service-oriented.  They were kind, hard-working, and friendly.

We saw many young families.  The resort certainly thought of everything you could possibly want in a perfect vacation.  It would be really fun to take our kids here - there are two pools, tons of activities, and the possibility for pure relaxation!  

And the food - I have no words.  Every bite was better than the last. 

eating breakfast outside on the 7th floor

look at this guy I picked up on the beach :)

dinner on the terrace - plantains, pork, steak, sea bass

soba noodle salad, kim chee, asian veggie stir-fry

dessert on the terrace

this was one of my favorites - macademia nut pie

coconut pudding with mango sauce

creme brulee

pineapple upside down cakes

a very happy camper!


  1. You look gorgeous in the last photo (and so relaxed) . All that food looks scrumptious and oh my goodness your view is sublime!

    Teeny tiny bit envious here of all the wonderfulness you showed but I'm glad someone was looking after you for a change. It's nice to indulge isn't it?

  2. Kirs-I agree with Shay-you look wonderful & totally relaxed! And, who's that good looking guy you picked up on the beach? Looks like you have the best of everything there! Enjoy!

  3. I'd say they did quite the renovations since remembering it when we were there last! It looks like a Carribean vacation..gorgeous! I love all of your photos..thanks for sharing them.

  4. That looks spectacular, and you do look so relaxed.
    Nice pick up on the beach!
    I wish I remembered to take more photos of the food on the last few days! Your meals look fabulous.