Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Six Kids, No Perfect Pictures....

On Easter we spent time with Rob's side of the family: his three sisters, his parents and their families.  It's very unusual for all of us to be together so we try to take as many pictures as possible.  The kids are growing so fast that it's fun to catalog their ages when we can.

We took 22 pictures of the six of them together - and I kind of like that none of the pictures are "perfect".   I'll spare you all 22, but here are a few! I dare you to find one where they're all looking at the camera. 

I will say that I am no photographer.  I think I'm average when it comes to capturing good shots of food - but people, not so much.  My sister-in-law is the best people photographer.  Rob is a close second.

Here are a few other pictures of our time together on Easter. 

celebrating all of the March and April birthdays

working hard in the backyard

Angie and Wesley

Nicole, Jeremy and Jacob

the spread


Josh and Wesley


Angie, Travis, Natalie and Wesley

Jake and Nat

our little Buddy

Rob stealing candy from a two-year old

 Emma's Easter basket from my parents


my mom and Uncle Craig

Josh and Aunt Connie (he's totally posing)

my parents

spring is finally here

don't you love the blue bottles?

We had a special time on Easter.  The weather was beautiful, the trees are blooming and we enjoyed family time (but missed my sister and her husband).  I hope you had a blessed Easter celebrating with people you love!


  1. Great photos Kirsten, It looks like you all had a great relaxed and fun time. It's really nice to see all the photos of your family.
    How tall is your dad?????

  2. Is that ham I spy on your buffet table?

    Im very proud of Rob for flogging candy from a baby. Some people think that's a cliche but I did the same thing with Little P over the weekend!

    Those top group kid shots are wonderful. Ala natural is the only way to shoot kid pics. You know that trying to get all the kids looking at the camera at once is usually about as successful as nailing jelly to a tree dont you?

    Family celebrations are the best . Your shots show us all the fun you had as usual. If I ever get to your part of the world I so want to be invited to a family thing!

  3. Kirs-great pics of the fam-I just love they way your kiddo's take care of the "little ones"-they really do enjoy each other, don't they! I LOVE the one of Jacob & Nat-cousins! Need a full shot of Nic to share with the fam in her preggo condition-you'll have to check out Abbie's pic from the weekend with her & Casta's preggo pics! (and the grands & great grands with granny)-quite a group!

  4. "Rob stealing candy from a 2 year-old" is my favorite. It made me laugh out loud!!!