Monday, April 18, 2011

Our Weekend.....

nothing exciting, but that's how we like em!

1.  Friday night Josh went to a middle school dance.  For whatever reason, everyone who is "going out" in middle school "breaks up" at the dance.  So, periodically, girls will run through the gym crying, to be followed shortly by their concerned friends.  Sad and funny at the same time, is my natural reaction. 

2.  I took the girls to a local park where we were able to rollerblade on the walking path.  Rob was convinced one of us would break a wrist.  We didn't.

3.  I'm pretty sure my engagement ring fell down the heating vent in our bedroom.  Rob picked up his magazines off of our nightstand table and thinks he saw my ring go through the grate - we'll be investigating tonight - wish us luck.

**update: we found it! and we didn't even have to take the grate off**

4.  My dad made me an olive oil pitcher!  Don't you love it?  You'll be happy to know I rushed out to buy more olive oil and my pitcher is fully functional.  Also, the picture in the back is Emma's artwork.

5.  We love wings.

I think the wings were spicy - hence the look on Kate's face - and it looks like her eyes were watering!

6.  Soccer season has started.  It is still spring.  The result: some really wet games.  Saturday we had torrential rains, 40 mph winds, and a soccer game for third-grade girls.  There were tears - it was kind of like a middle school dance, only the crying girls had numb knees.  No pictures, sorry.

7.  Sunday's game was a little easier to watch - but still a little chilly.

our defender, Josh! 

8.  I've been busy cooking.  Last week I prepared a luncheon - and this was the only picture I remembered to take.  I also cooked for my steady client on Friday - making five meals, two salads, and a soup.  

chicken salad with croissant rolls

This week I'll be preparing a luncheon tomorrow.  I'll also be making some food for a cocktail party on Thursday.  Collage is having their "spring fling" - if you're local, come on out! 

How was your weekend?


  1. May not have been exciting, but it was definitely busy, Kirsten!

    PS...Sending up a quick prayer that you are able to retrieve your ring. Yikes! Hope it's hanging on that little bend of ductwork.

    Happy Monday! :o)

  2. I had to laugh at your junior high dance account. My certification is in secondary ed and after student teaching in a 7th grade classroom and two long-term sub jobs, I've chaperoned many-a-JH-dance. We actually have a teacher specifically located near the restrooms at all times to "check" on sobbing girls. HA!

  3. That's the sign of a meal enjoyed. Sauce on a kids face. Watering eyes -maybe not so much!

    Ahhhh Middle school angst. Part of the right of passage to adulthood. Like you I find it secretly amusing but make sure I always kept a sad and sympathetic look on my face.

    My heart contracted when you announced the loss of your engagement ring. So glad it's been found!

  4. I love your observations of the dance, made me chuckle!
    Definitely a busy weekend even though you didn't think it was exciting.
    Sounds like a good week coming up too.