Thursday, April 7, 2011

South Naples Citrus Grove

I love stumbling upon a little gem.  When I knew that Rob and I would be arriving to Florida in the midst of strawberry season and at the end of citrus season, I was excited.  I wanted to find farm stands filled with the jeweled colors of an early growing season (compared to Pennsylvania).  We had originally planned to pick our own oranges, but when we saw the sign for the South Naples Citrus Grove, we quickly made a u-turn.

Here is what we found....the following is from their website

Started in 1979, South Naples Citrus Grove is a family owned and operated business that has been growing and expanding over the past 20+ years. Our delicious oranges and grapefruits are picked daily from our own grove in Naples, Florida.

We are open from the middle of November through the beginning of May and we are located at 341 Sabal Palm Road in Naples, Florida. We retail bagged fruit and ship gift fruit boxes throughout the United States and Canada.

bagged citrus: grapefruits, valencias, tangerines


We also were told that the family who owns and operates the farm also own and operate a farm in Illinois, where they live in the summer (supplying the Chicago area with vegetables).  Can I just say that I want their life?

We bought a box of tangerines to send to my parents, who so nicely watched our three little angels.

We also bought a bag of grapefruits and tangerines to enjoy on the rest of our vacation.

But the big news - was the orange blossom honey.  Remember how Rob is a honey fanatic?  It might be his favorite food of all time.  We love those bees in South Florida.

yes, we were taking hits off of the honey bottle, why do you ask?

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  1. I like honey, but not that much.............