Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Shades of Pink

The view from our front yard is breathtaking right now.  Our neighborhood is filled with flowering trees.  This is the most beautiful time of year on our little street.  I took a few minutes to trespass, to lay on the ground, and sacrifice myself to show you the beauty that we see every day. 

Can you see the three shades of pink?  This was taken from our neighbor's yard, peering over to our yard.  These are three different flowering trees: a kwanzan cherry, redbud, and a dogwood (in that order). 

flowering dogwood (in our front yard)

I love the color of spring grass

this is a combination of two trees intertwined - across the street - I think one is a Japanese cherry

tulip bloom - my favorite flowers

kwanzan cherry blossoms

redbud blossoms

I am so happy to be surrounded with color and green.  I am grateful to whoever had the foresight to plant these gorgeous trees 60 years ago.  After what seemed like an endless winter and the rainiest March and April in recent memory, this is an instant mood-lifter. 

What colors are surrounding you right now?  Those in Australia, are your leaves turning colors yet? 


  1. Kirs-I can't believe how much farther along your trees/flowers are than ours-we don't have anything blooming yet-the trees are just starting to show signs of life. My daffodils & tulips haven't started blooming yet-maybe if it stops raining & the sun would shine for a couple of days, we'd get some color around here! Temps only in the 50's max till at least Friday here! Thanks for sharing the beauty in your neighborhood-I bet it's pretty looking out across the hills from your front window!

  2. No leaves turning colour here, it's still too warm and we don't really have much in the way of deciduous trees in my neighbourhood.
    I miss seeing all the spring blossoms, thanks for taking the photos they are beautiful, sacrificing your dignity was well worth it.

  3. Wow!!! What an instant mood lifter. Afraid there is nothing like that looking out my window. We've had a cold and rainy past several days. Thanks for sending some cheer even tho it's via the internet.

    Aunt Ilene

  4. Gorgeous! We're pretty much done blooming here in the South, except for the azaleas. :o) I'll be glad when the pollen clears up! My porch is covered in yellow 'dust'. Happy Wednesday!

  5. Ummmm didnt you say yesterday you werent really a photographer? From where I'm sitting those photos are utterly beautiful and very arty.

    I'm sitting here in awe of all that colour.

    One of my trees has just started to turn, which is going to mean picking up 100 pounds of leaf litter a week from now through to July.