Monday, March 8, 2010

Day #3

Sunday was an easy challenge day because, despite breakfast and a few snacks, we spent our time outside and visiting family and enjoyed our meals with my parents and my grandmother.

As some of you know, we have been searching for a church for close to two years now. We have been looking for "the perfect balance" between strong Bible teaching, a more modern service, and families with kids close to the ages of our own. After much searching, we realized that the perfect church doesn't exist (which we knew all along, but I guess our compromises just have to be bigger). This week we returned (again) to the church I grew up in. The pastor is fairly recent (I think) and, honestly, he is the best teacher I've ever listened to. Part of our struggle was simply logistical, and the fact that our son really didn't feel like he could thrive there. Instead of taking the easy way, (usually my specialty) I begged the kids to go with me. I insisted that the girls attend Sunday School while Josh and I attended the service together. I had been praying hard that morning for direction from God, and my answer was the rapt attention of an 11-yr old. Josh was eager to listen, even peering between rows just to keep eye contact with the pastor. The series is on Romans and, isn't it amazing, how the Bible is applicable not only to all generations, but also since the time of Christ (and prior)? We have decided that nothing else matters but the promise of mature teaching.

After church we had breakfast with my mom and dad and part of our meal was from Josh's buck! We had about 19lbs (no, I'm not kidding) of "chipped deer" processed at one of our local butcher shops. It's actually pretty delicious, very lean, peppery and just perfectly smoky!

We came home and played outside for a little bit with our neighbors, my sister-in-law and her precious little guy! It was a beautiful day, but Josh and I needed to come in and work on a paper for school. After some frustration from both of us, we agreed on a different format and went to work researching and composing a little bit of a different result. I wish I could tell you that we bonded, I took advantage of all kinds of teaching tools, and that I could imagine us learning together every day....all not true! I admire those who can homeschool their kids, I am so not one of them!

We ended our day playing Dominoes at my grandmother's house! Kate actually beat all of us (by a lot, I might add!).

The best news: no one was injured at any time today!


  1. I'm glad that no one was injured! :)

  2. I would destroy my kids' confidence and self esteem while spiraling further and further into insantiy if I homeschooled my kids. I am so thankful for teachers and the extra help from the specialists my kids receive each day! And we too would love to find that "perfect" church - good deep bible teaching is becoming more and more something we desire, but the thought of searching for a new church is tiring at this point.