Friday, March 5, 2010

Grocery Challenge Day #1

I'm going to challenge myself to only food shop one time during this next week. Today I shopped for my meats and most other groceries (excluding milk). I'd like to be creative enough to utilize my pantry, freezer, and recently purchased items. The only leverage I'll give myself is to "re-stock" on fruits and veggies, if needed.

Today is the first day of my grocery challenge -

Today included:

1. Shopping at Price-Rite and Farmers Market (on Penn St). My total purchases totaled a little less than $95

2. A four-mile run this afternoon, right after I put Emma on the bus. I had previously not run for at least two months and I was quite nervous to start again. I actually felt really great, what an instant mood-lifter. The sunshine helped a lot, too!

3. We had this for dinner. I had grilled zucchini and everyone else enjoyed steamed sugar peas (I had them lurking in my refrigerator).

4. This is our dessert. I bought five large apples to combine with some other "lurkers" in the fridge. This is Rob's favorite baked good, and since he's leaving for a week, I thought I'd surprise him!

5. Lastly, this sad little tale. Occasionally our kids will chase each other around the house. We repeatedly warn them that eventually someone will reap the consequences. Well, here's what happened...

Kate and Emma ran into each others heads (apparently). Check out those goose-eggs! I kind of feel a little like Kate Gosselin, hopefully this isn't too exploitative. Look at their poor little faces, tears were just pouring down.


  1. Ouch - that hurts MY head! Poor girls!

    And great job on the running - especially since you haven't ran if a few months. Runners amaze me. I only run if my children are hurt (and then it's more like a fast walk).

    I will not try to out do you in the grocery challenge - I would fail.

  2. Oh man! That looks like it REALLY hurt.

    Good job running!

    What's Rob's favorite dessert? Cobbler?

  3. apple pie...sorry, should have specified! I just made it in a square pan instead of a pie plate.

    They're barely bruised today, amazingly!

  4. Emily- I usually only "challenge" myself with things I know I can succeed with....not really a challenge, is it? :)
    I only exercise because then I can eat a lot!

  5. Oh my gosh, Kirs!! My poor little girlies- they do NOT look very happy- Emma even looks like she's having a mug shot taken......maybe that will teach them?? Maybe it would make them feel better to know that happened to me in 4th grade...Troy Brown knocked me down on the cement at recess...mine was the size of a golfball!!! Glad to hear you're enjoying the sunshine...and hopefully that means we'll be seeing more of each other these days!!

  6. OWEEEE-that hadda hurt! Give those girlies kisses from Aunt Jean!

  7. Thanks, Jean...all that is left of the goose-eggs are a residual bruise! I'm kinda embarrassed to send them back to school today (esp Emma)...bruises, abrasions everywhere :) It is totally amazing how quickly kids heal, truthfully!