Sunday, March 28, 2010

The End of Quiet

Rob and I had a really nice and quiet weekend together. We were inundated rather quickly [on Sunday morning] with fighting kids, requests of a soft pretzel at 9am, telling our eight-year old she'd break her leg if she tried to wear high heels to get the picture. It's amazing how the intensity of three children is so unlike being in the middle of nowhere, listening to nothing but the rustling of leaves.

For some reason, I have romanticized the idea of hiking our four-wheeler trail. It's 13 mi. Yeah, it was really tiring. And, can you believe that I didn't pack any food? Not good.

It was really nice, though, to see my husband's eyes. One of the nice things about the lack of internet or tv is simply being able to talk and making eye contact!

Here we are about 1/4 in to our hike

I made some yummy dinners, one using almost all leftovers!
Friday night we had: "chopped steak" sandwiches with leftover flank steak from Kate's birthday party. We also had leftover cauliflower gratin and roasted asparagus.

Saturday night we had: shredded mexican beef over brown rice, corn and black bean relish, and the rest of the asparagus.

We also raided the Easter candy we purchased at Fitzkee's on our way out, but I didn't take any pictures :)

Lastly, watercress is in season! Isn't it pretty?


  1. So glad you had a nice weekend least until the early Sunday part.

    YUM @ that food.

    I'm still working on that montage of food pics for you . Picasa and I - not such good friends.

    Oh! And I made your baked potato soup yesterday. Post and pics coming up in the next couple of days. My taste buds thank you my friend. My thighs may possibly never forgive you. Lucky for you the taste buds rule!

  2. 13 mile hike and NO FOOD! Craziness. :)

  3. Oh your weekend sounds like it was lovely. 13 miles and no food?! I think I would pass out. Congrats! And I think you should put up that recipe for "soft pretzels"! :)

  4. I inhaled a huge sub right before we left, and somehow we were telling ourselves it would take
    2 1/2 hrs to hike (remember, I barely passed high school math) - plus, I didn't have any more room in my pockets: gloves, water bottle, etc. And it took us 5hrs and I was a little dizzy on the last few yards-

    sadly, the recipe for the pretzels is a simple one: microwave frozen soft pretzel for 30 seconds! (they are great snacks, though...decent ingredients, low calorie, filling...perfect snack for a six-year old - and, yes, she usually eats them around 9am, if she can wait that long!) I do think I heard somewhere that Bobby Flay has a soft pretzel recipe (?)

  5. Is the beer in the pictures on purpose? :)

  6. yes, it was part of our dinner, and just my little rebellion! :)

  7. I'm going to have to make that baked potato soup too. And then work it off by thinking about your 13 hour, I mean 13 mile hike. It's more like a journey and less like a hike though. People hike up hills. They TRAVEL 13 miles! Pretty impressive.

  8. That potato soup is REALLY good! I'm glad I made it. Is it okay if I put it in my recipe book that I'm giving out as wedding presents?

  9. Sure, share the love! I'd be honored-
    It is so, so good! (as almost anything with Velveeta is)