Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day #6: One of those days....

I'm having one of those days. I currently have chili splashed all over my microwave, my son is failing social studies, I have flat sugar cakes waiting to be thrown away, and I have 100 mini quiches to make tomorrow. Meanwhile, my husband is skiing in knee-deep snow in Beaver Creek, CO. Apparently, on his first run of the day they were passing out hot chocolate. And, later in the afternoon there were fresh-baked cookies. Sigh.

Our dinner, while kind of embarrassing, at the very least was filling (that's the point, right?). We had chili-topped baked potatoes and sliced oranges.

There was one bright spot to the day! I finally made a kick-butt batch of chocolate fudge. Here's to the simple things -


  1. oh, but chocolate is the best part of the day, right? glad it turned out! OH and if you look closely (on the crust for that choc pie, on my blog) it actually IS Pillsbury crust :) it's the best of the best (in premade, that is!).

  2. I'm guessing that you are exaggerating the "my son is failing social studies" thing.

    I do hope that your husband sends you away to a tropical beach in return for his ski trip.

  3. oh, I wish I were exaggerating...
    59% in Social Studies
    with a 98% in Math (I'm pretty sure there must have been a switch at the hospital)