Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Little Bit Obsessed....

Okay, here's the thing - I'm going to invite you into my crazy little world tonight. I want to explain to you how my mind works. I will warn you, it's a wacky place, never stagnant, and usually concentrated on one thing: food. The other night my in-laws were watching our kids. When we called [around 5:00 pm] to see if they were interested in pizza for dinner, guess what their response was? They said, "oh, we haven't even thought about dinner yet". I'm sorry, that's crazy talk. Seriously. Sometimes I wish I could be a little more like that, but really, I'm about as much a polar opposite from that position as I could be. I literally start thinking about food first thing in the morning and the trend continues through the day. I read on the Pioneer Woman this week that she finishes one meal and immediately starts thinking about the next one (not surprisingly, this was extremely vindicating).

Speaking of the Pioneer Woman: did you see her post on Caramelized Onion Pizza? Well, I read it around 4:45, and I was on a mission. The caramelized onions sparked a frenzy strong enough to send me into my kitchen to satisfy my need (!) for onions. Last fall I posted this recipe. Fortunately, I had all of the ingredients I needed. It was no caramelized onion pizza, but it was darn good. We also had this chicken, with baked potatoes and steamed peas.

In decidedly less embarrassing news, is this the cutest thing or what?


  1. The picture of your girls makes me wish I had a sister!

    I'm going to have to add this page to my favorites - I'd like to try a couple of the recipes.

  2. Emily,
    I do have a sister, and trust me, there were no idyllic scenes like this - ever! I would describe their relationship as unusual.

    all of these recipes are seriously yummy and very easy!

    let me know what you think!

  3. Love the pic of the girls-can't wait to see you all in a couple of months!! Aunt Jean

  4. mmmmmm that chicken looks divine! I didnt get round to cooking my chicken boobie fillets this week because I've been sick and nobody wants to share my germs via my cooking. Selfish huh?

    Your girls look gorgeous.

  5. Umm, can I just get an "Amen!" to the entire premise of this blog post? I am with you, sister. Except I think of what we are going to have for each meal, probably, three days before the actually day arises. Yeah, I'm with you. 100%. I think you and I could either be the best of friends or fight like cats & dogs with how similar we are! I'm hoping for the former :)

  6. The girls look ADORABLE! I'm surprised Josh didn't want to join in on the fun. :) Also, and most importantly, I'm guessing that they entertained themselves for quite awhile doing that.

    I can see that you are loving your hyperlinks. :)

  7. Abbie- I think if we have enough food, we'll be fine! As long as I have food and enough sleep, I'm usually a happy-ish camper :)

    Marion- Josh was at guitar lessons and I was making a beer run! When I downloaded my pics I found the picture that Rob took of them :)

    Oh, I love the hyperlink feature! Does anyone know how to create that sidebar that lists the categories of foods, and how to set that up?