Monday, March 8, 2010

Upcoming Events....

I describe myself as a full-time mom. Every so often, however, I have the opportunity to work as a personal chef. This past year my "income" (not even sure we can call it that!) was about half of the year before, but cooking is something that I love to do, and if I occasionally get paid to do it, that's bonus! Sometimes I fear that if I had to do this full-time, I would probably hate it, so I feel blessed that it's something I can do occasionally!

March will be a little more hectic than the past winter has been, I have three parties to prepare for and we will also celebrate Kate's birthday! I have a party at my friend's store this Wednesday, it's her "Spring Fling". When we were picking the menu, we tried to aim for lighter fare with colorful "springy" flavors. I hope the weather holds out for her, it would be fun to have a warmer day (I think everyone is in a better mood, and probably spends more!).

Here is what I'll be making:

Hot Crab Dip with bread cubes and crudites
Mexican Layer Dip with tortilla chips
Mini Quiches
Fruit Kabobs
Mini [grilled] Veggie Sandwiches
Lemon Bars
Assorted Cookie Tray
Chocolate Fudge
White Sangria
Limeade Spritzer

Later in the month I'll be cooking for my sister-in-laws birthday party (we're having grilled veggie ravioli) and I'm also preparing food for an Easter Egg Hunt.

I hope to be organized enough to take pictures of some of the finished products!

Here's to a [hopefully] sunny and warm-ish March filled with good food!


  1. I realize that you will probably describe it later, but what is grilled veggie ravioli? Is it ravioli stuffed with grilled veggies? Or cheese ravioli served with grilled veggies? Maybe the veggies are in the sauce?

    Is it a good thing that you are working on the party this week while Rob's away? Or does it make it harder?

    Oh, and related to your last post. It makes me so happy that my kids don't get homework at their school.

  2. The grilled veggie ravioli is the second recipe I ever posted!

    seriously delish!
    grilled veggies layered with bought ravioli, marinara, cream sauce, crisped prosciutto, etc-

    might be one of the best things I've ever made!

    hopefully I'll be organized and work ahead for the party....:)

    yeah for no homework! and for crafts at school :)