Thursday, March 4, 2010

Don't Judge a Book...

I'll do anything to get rid of the chicken piccata picture from the previous post. While it tasted good when we ate it, let's just say I saw it about three times after we ate it. I never thought I'd say this, but I kind of lost my zeal for food for a solid day and a half. Miraculously (or not, because I still want to lose ten pounds) I have managed to stay healthy while I've cleaned up body fluids from each of my children on: comforters, sheets, carpets, blankets, and the bathroom (more times than I want to remember).

My doing anything to get rid of the chicken picture includes revealing this picture of what we had for dinner tonight. Doesn't it look pretty? The pork roast is covered with cranberry conserve and baked in a rich chicken broth. The couscous is chive and saffron, and the green beans are ones I froze at the peak of their freshness. Would you like to hear the truth? It was all hideous. The pork was as dry as a bone, the green beans were freezer-burnt, and the couscous was way too salty. I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to do when my husband arrives home after working a thirteen-hour day (this is just the count right now, who knows when he'll get home). Am I really going to feed him this? I think I'll offer him pb&j as an alternative. Oh, and want to hear something really gross? (I occasionally pose this question to Rob and he always defers, but you're kind of a captive audience) The cranberry conserve on top of the pork? It's from Thanksgiving. On a side note: this is [one of the many reasons] why Ina Garden rocks - her cranberry conserve apparently lasts forever! (I did taste it before I used it and it was fine!).

Lastly, this never disappoints! Perrydell chocolate ice cream with peanut butter ripples.

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  1. Ice cream always makes everything better!