Thursday, March 18, 2010

Swiss, Bacon, and Mushroom Burger

Don't tell Rob, but we had burgers tonight. They are his favorite food, right behind meatloaf (yuck), but he is working late tonight. Josh is also gone out with friends, so it was just me and the girls inhaling a few burgers! I still have a ham slice taunting me from the shelf in my refrigerator, [that I bought at market a few days ago] but that just sounded too heavy for such a beautiful spring day.

I typically make my burgers using this recipe. That hyperlink is for you, Marion! :)

I do use my grill all throughout the year: in rain, snow, sun, and wind - and I think we may need a new one soon. I think we've had it for at least eight years and it was all of $119 at Lowe's back in the day. At least for tonight it didn't let me down, and the burgers turned out super yummy. I also grilled some yellow peppers and onions and topped my burger with lots of barbeque sauce. It probably appears that we have broccoli all the time, but I had one small crown left and with just the three of us, I wanted to use it to clear out the crisper drawer. As you can tell, I keep frozen vegetables on hand and they are great for a quick side (tonight it was mixed veggies).

I have been a little lax on the dessert front, but we always have Perrydell ice cream to fall back on! I think tonight I'll have chocolate with melted peanut butter poured over the top. This is why I've started running again!

Swiss, Bacon, and Mushroom Burgers
1 lb ground chuck
4 slices bacon
2 large button mushrooms, sliced
1/2 small onion, chopped finely
1 tsp worcesterchire sauce
1 egg white
ground black pepper
swiss cheese, barbeque sauce for topping

1. On a plate, place sliced mushrooms and chopped onion over the slices of bacon. Microwave about 4 minutes, or until bacon is crispy and the onions and mushrooms are tender.
2. Tear bacon into bite-sized pieces, and mix hamburger with remaining ingredients (including the mushrooms and onion) except cheese and barbeque sauce.
3. Form into patties and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes.
4. Grill over medium-high heat until cooked through. Place cheese on top and allow to melt.


  1. Oh man. We don't have a grill- and I sure darn wish we did. I especially love all the topping burgers entail (I like bleu cheese and roasted red peppers on mine! YUM). This post makes me think we need to just break down and buy one.

    I've been wondering: does your family normally have dessert every evening? Because if so, I want to be adopted!

  2. I try to have some sort of dessert maybe every other keeps us from eating candy!

    I love bleu cheese, too! I actually prefer turkey burgers to beef, but I am outnumbered on that one. We bought a little grill for P&P last Christmas. It's a tabletop grill with a small propane tank, and the cutest thing ever! I think it might have been about $80? Our grill is very simple, obviously for $119! I really do use it all the time!