Monday, January 17, 2011

Better than a Mirror

Do you remember how I told you I love to cut hair?  When it's warmer, I cut my dad's hair (and the kids) outside.  Because it's a little colder we've been setting up in the living room.  Rob doesn't trust me to cut his hair - I may have scalped him a little when we were in college. 

I usually get one good haircut a year, and then in the meantime I trim my own hair.  I don't ever use a mirror - so when Rob took this picture last week, I was excited to see the back and sides of my hair.  Doesn't look too bad!


  1. Very serious expression Kirsten!
    One question, how high do you have the heating set, it looks like summer?
    Fabulous hair cut, I can't believe you cut your own hair, gosh that's good.

  2. oh, it's serious business, Marg! :)

    I always get hair all over me, so I thought I'd start with a tank top.

    thankfully my hair is very thick and lays well even if I don't cut it perfectly :) It just grows so fast and it's so darn convenient to cut it in my bathroom every five weeks or so.

  3. I LOVE cutting hair too! I just cut anna's the other day- and chopped a little too much- but she is too cute to have a bad haircut :)

  4. I cant cut hair to save myself....not even my own fringe!

  5. I cut hair too, Kirsten! I have my niece cut my hair once or twice a year, and then I maintain it. I've always cut my kids hair. I just recently treated LittleGirl (almost 8) to her first cut at a salon (my niece's). DH lets me trim his hair, though he usually just cuts it himself. I neaten everything up for him.

    PS...I featured you today in my Thursday Concatenation. Stop by and say, 'Hello' if you have a chance. :o)