Friday, January 7, 2011

Two-Hour Delay

It really is the best of both worlds - the kids get to sleep in, we don't have to rush around (trying on 50 different outfits, in the girls cases), and we can mosey down to the bus stop at 10:15. 

I'll admit, I think the school was a little premature in declaring this "inclement weather" as the automated voice told me at 5:50 this morning, but we're rolling with it. 

I had been feeling guilty about leaving our outside Christmas decorations up, but now I'm kinda glad I've been lazy this week. 


  1. too funny Kirsten, someone else with your name has joined FTF and there I was wondering what happened!
    Time is everything isn't it. no rushing, no reminding of how little is left.

  2. We have the opposite of snow days here where they let you out of school about 90 minutes early when the temp reaches a bajillion degrees.

    I have to say Kirsten that snow looks very inviting after the 100 degree day we had here yesterday!

  3. Yay for inclement weather (sometimes). I was so pleased that here in Oz 99.9% of schools have school uniforms, so we had none of the freaking out in the morning with what to wear, days. I just had to deal with hair histrionics most days.
    Yay too for no more school, as she finished her schooling at the end of last year. Now I have to worry about college/work etc.

  4. I'm in California and miss those snow days .. my kids are out of school now so it wouldn't make any difference. but I know they missed out on a lot of late days :(

  5. Kirs-great pics! Don't you just love a good camera? You had a 2 hr delay-our kiddos in I.F. had a 2 hour early out-snowed overnight (only 1-2 inches), but then this afternoon, the winds started-30 mph from the NW-had to drive out of town for a closing & "white-out" conditions on the way home. I had a retirement party to go to tonite-got home at 11-temp below 10 degrees (F), but with the wind chill -20!!!! I'd take some of your Ausse friends' hot weather in exchange!! :) I didn't do much decorating for Christmas but haven't taken them down yet either (inside)-went to a primitive store in Hampton today-facebook special-all winter & Christmas "stuff" 75% off! I got quite a bag full of treasures for $30! Have a good weekend-give fam hugs from Aunt Jean!

  6. Beautiful. Our snow is supposed to be coming this weekend and I can't wait. You have inspired me to take some pictures when it does. Thank you. Jana.