Monday, January 3, 2011

One of my new favorite things

Is there anything better than an heirloom?

I opened a very heavy package on Christmas Day, from my Nanny.  In it, I found this

See how the handle is discolored from use?  That is courtesy of my great-grandmother and grandmother.  My nanny said she remembers her mom making fried potatoes and country ham in this very skillet.  I plan to carry the tradition on, making lots of fried potatoes, eggs, and various other foods.

My great-grandmother's name was Lillian Grace.  She was born on June 2, 1897.  She had eight children and a husband with tuberculosis.  My grandmother was raised during the Great Depression.  She was continually hungry.  To hear her tell stories from her childhood you realize that there was also fun to be had - she was, apparently, the marbles champion in her neighborhood.  She recently told me that she used to walk to her aunt's home (across the city) where she knew she'd get a full meal. As a young girl, she would clean the houses of wealthy neighbors. 

Out of this childhood my grandparents saved and thrived.  My grandmother has been extremely generous with us - if not for her, we wouldn't be living in this house.  I love having a little piece of family history - especially one I can use to serve my family.


  1. Old cookware was sure built to last wasnt it? I bet nothing you bought today would be around in 70 or 80 years.

    I have a pair of tongs my grandmother probably used in the 1950's. They are the best tongs I've ever had. They also have the added bonus of keeping Little P amused for hours!

    I hope you cook many meals in that skillet (and lets hope the girls dont fight about who's getting it when you're gone !)

  2. Beautiful post, Kirsten! Thank you for sharing your heart today. :o)

    Can't wait to see snaps of delicious food made in that gorgeous cast-iron skillet!

  3. You win! I love it. Nanny has a great memory too.

  4. What a perfect gift!