Monday, January 31, 2011

We Heart Weekends.....

One of the nice things about winter is the lack of busyness.  Our weekends have been lovely.  We sleep in, rent movies, try new recipes, and occasionally entertain.  Rob would be happy to stay around the house all weekend, but I try to plan at least one fun thing for us to do with the kids. 

This weekend we went sledding.  So, so fun.  The only bad part - walking back up the hill.  Rob was our photographer - he got some great pics. 

you should have heard the screams!

I kind of love sledding :)

trudging back up the huge hill

great view of our fair city

I love Emma's hair flying in the wind

stuffed in a sled!

pretty girl

Josh and his friends

Paige's dad

Josh and his friend, Paige

Kate and her friend, Elise

our little fashion-plate

Josh catching some air on a ramp!

We made some great memories.  The original plan was for Josh to meet up with some friends [and stay on the other side of the hill].  Instead, we all hung out together and it was great.  The more we enjoy plan-free weekends, the more I realize that this is what families are supposed to do.  I don't have anything against extra-curricular activities - but running around from activity to activity - no thanks.  If we were over-committed we would have lost the opportunity to go sledding on an impulse.  I love a simple life. 


  1. I want to go sledding with you!

    As I was reading through and looking at these pictures., the one thought I kept having was "Look how much fun they're having". You have real gift for capturing joy with your camera Kirsten.

  2. Kirs-glad you had a great day sledding-looks like everyone enjoyed their time together & created lots of memories! I too, Love the one with Emma's hair flying in the wind!

  3. looks like a great time! we all miss you guys a lot and need to see everyone soon!

  4. I love sledding. Your photos just reminded me how much I love it, and I would even put up with cold cold weather to do it again!
    Great photos, you all look so happy.