Friday, January 14, 2011

Favourite Thing Friday

 My knives. 

It is truly a joy for me to chop, carve, and slice.

Rob sharpens my knives for me at least once a month and I use them every day.  When we travel, I'm usually forced to use sub-standard knives (although I have checked my knives more than once in my travels).  There's just something about the familiarity and the quality of my wusthof knives - they make me happy.

If you love to cook and you don't have a good set of knives, I would urge you to treat yourself.  


  1. Good favourite...I also love my knives..they are already pretty old, but still work wonders.

  2. I dont have a decent set of knives , although I have a few that I really like. I totally agree with you about getting familiar with your own knives and then finding other people's crappy.

    A whole set of matching decent knives has been on my list for years...but they're seriously expensive!

    How many funny looks do you get when you try to check these at the airport?

    Loved this FTF, because it was so unexpected!

  3. We are slowly building up a set of good knives. They do make a world of difference.

  4. I have a great set of knives, mine are Global. I was lucky and bought them when they were on sale. When you are used to using great knives it's horrible when you have to use not so good ones.
    I haven't taken mine with me on my travels though!
    A great FTF Kirsten.

  5. Maybe the reason I don't like to chop, carve, or slice is because I don't have a good set of knives .. :)

  6. Well, now I have knife envy. ;o) Seriously though, I have one good knife at the moment. I'm saving up for a big chef's knife. How exactly do you check a knife at the airport? What's the usual response? Great favourite! Happy Friday! :o)

  7. Yes you do get used to your own knives and I have different knives for different purposes.My pet hate is a knife that isn't sharp enough to cut a tomato.

  8. All I did [in regards to the check-in] was to inform the lady checking our luggage that I had packed two cooking knives in my suitcase wrapped in paper towels - just to warn the people inspecting them that they wouldn't accidentally cut themselves. :)

    I'm serious about my knives!!!

  9. I have only heard good things about these knives but don't have any myself. For me, I just invested in a simple Rachel Ray knife for my veggie chopping and man, I love not using a cheap KMart knife any more. lol