Monday, January 10, 2011

Tortilla Soup....

This isn't the first time I've made something and before I've gotten the chance to share it - someone steals my thunder.  In this case, it was the delightful Ree Drummond.  I laughed out loud when I caught sight of her post, "chicken tortilla soup"

Last week I made tortilla soup which we enjoyed with our leek tart.  Mine is a little different - but I guarantee you her pictures are way better.  Check out both of the recipes and combine them or choose one - either way, tortilla soup is mighty tasty.  Hope you enjoy!

I had leftover chicken breast bones from our chicken dish last week   I made some chicken stock and then pulled the remaining meat off of the bones.  Alas, my craving for tortilla soup had begun.  I didn't really have a recipe to work from, but I read so many recipes, I had lots of ideas floating around in my brain.  I also have a pretty well-stocked pantry - I just decided to improvise and taste along the way. 

I found a half can of chipotle peppers and a half of a can of tomato paste in my freezer.  I simply blended them with  some of my chicken broth, a half of a can of black beans, some smoked paprika and garlic powder.  I pureed the mixture and poured the contents into my stockpot with the chicken stock. 

I added a tablespoon of this for good measure - love this stuff!

I also found cumin seeds in my spice cabinet.  I toasted 3 tsp and then ground them in my coffee grinder.  Weirdly enough, they smelled like cigars - not an unpleasant scent!  I added the ground cumin and some kosher salt to my already simmering soup base.  

I sliced some flour tortillas (Ree prefers corn, apparently), tossed them with canola oil, smoked paprika, and a little salt and then baked them on a cookie sheet until browned and crispy.  

I finished the soup by adding the remaining black beans, some corn, and the shredded chicken.  We served ours with sliced cheddar, the tortilla strips, a squeeze of lime, and a dollop of sour cream. 

It was zesty, hearty, and wonderfully delicious!  Perfect with leek and goat cheese tart [and a Sam Adams]. 


  1. Sam Adams must be beer ...I'm going to google that to see if Im right.

    Ive never seen this soup before. Is this another thing like devil soup because it looks really delicious...