Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What is it about the beach?

I absolutely love the beach - the smells, the warmth, the powdery sand, the constant waves.   The beach is my happy place.  Even if the weather is cold, the beach is cathartic for me - and by the looks of everyone I see on the beach - it's cathartic for them, too. 

The immediate release of all tension and stress....

The unknown presence of creatures great and small that live in the ocean....

The instant mood-lifting properties of the sun, sand, and waves....

The infectious laughter in people young and old....

The glittering beauty of the sand, the patterns created by relentless tides....

I should mention - while Rob also enjoys the beach - the mountains are his happy place.  He feels at peace with the world when he is flying down the slopes on his skis.  He absolutely loves the woods, the quiet, the altitude, and the extreme beauty of the Rocky Mountain climate. 

What's your happy place? 


  1. Have I mentioned how much I am enjoying seeing all this wonderful photography someone at your joint is knocking out?

    Those are fantastic shots of the kids and that last photo is just gorgeous. (Have to tell you it looks just like many Australian beaches K which surprised me )

    My happy place is somewhere eating lunch alfresco, and drinking cocktails. Hopefully in a warm environment.

  2. That is fantastic photography. Treasures to be sure. I love the beach too! It is just a little slice of heaven.