Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Terrain at Styer's

Raise your hand if you love Anthropologie.  Raise your hand if you can't wear their clothing.  Well, if you're like me, you can't fit into the skinny jeans and velvet corduroys at Anthropologie and the gauzy bohemian style just doesn't suit your lifestyle.  I have an answer for you - Terrain at Styer's.  The Anthropologie/Urban Outfitters conglomerate has created a home and garden display and shopping experience that thrills the senses.  Located on the former garden site of Jacob Styer in Concordeville, PA.  Terrain contains several greenhouses with many plants, planters of all sizes, home goods, and all-around beautiful things.

various bulbs for sale - amaryllis, tulips, paper whites, etc

vintage hydrangeas - I'm in love with these, but they're $52.00

prints for sale

My mom has been hoping to take me to Terrain for quite some time and today was the day.  As we were perusing the store, I remarked, "this is like Anthropologie for gardening".  I recently discovered [on my internet research] that Terrain is, in fact, the very thing.  I will admit, the prices are very similar to the store.  I happen to love, however, the rustic touches, the clean lines, and the homey feel.  I think if I were to purchase something it would be very intentional.  This is where you purchase special things for your home or garden - or better yet, get ideas to recreate something similar for a fraction of the price.

a trough serving as a display - love, love, love

they sell terrariums of all shape and size
Terrain at Styer's is located close to Chadd's Ford, PA - near to the Simon Pearce glassblowing location, Longwood Gardens, Winterthur, and the apparent mushroom capital of the world.   Jacob Styer established his horticulture business in 1890, at one point serving a standing order for peonies for the White House.  He operated a roadside stand selling produce, baked goods, and cut flowers along route 1.   The Anthropologie/Urban Outfitters (URBN) company acquired the ten acres in 2008.

a hanging terrarium - retails for $82.00

planters of all shapes, sizes, and materials

We also ate in the restaurant which utilizes local farms to provide the freshest ingredients possible.  It was phenomenal.  The cafe is located in a greenhouse and the choices on the menu were ridiculous.  I could have ordered anything.  Fingerling french fries, macaroni with local cheese, leek and goat cheese tart, and fresh apple/pumpkin pie are but a few choices. 

fresh bread baked in a planter, served with whipped butter and Hawaiian salt

smoked salmon tea cakes

braised short ribs with root veggies and polenta

duck confit with micro greens, sliced apples, and brie

chocolate and chestnut mousse

carrot cake cupcakes

My intention is to return to the Brandywine Valley to tour the Simon Pearce glass-blowing restaurant and retail store.  I'll keep you posted!  If you ever have the chance to spend time [30 minutes outside Philadelphia] in the Brandywine Valley - there is plenty to keep you busy.  Winterthur is a DuPont estate with gardens, antiques, and period homes.  Longwood Gardens is a beautiful 10,000 acre complex which includes greenhouses, gardens, woodlands and meadows.  You can view 11,000 types of plants and the Christmas spectacular includes 500,000 lights for the Christmas display.  There are vineyards, restaurants, and local businesses.  If you're looking for a destination for a long weekend, check it out!


  1. can you take me to all the places you've talked about on your blog when i come next pleaseandthankyou. AND AND AND- i found spaghetti squash! JOY!

  2. You would have loved this place today!!! And, you probably can fit into Anthropologie jeans - I hope you didn't raise your hand :)

  3. Oh Kirsten that looks absolutely fabulous. IF I ever get to the States I am going to put that on my list of places to visit and while I'm there I'll come and say hello!

  4. Kirsten-definately will put Brandywine Valley on the list for the next visit-but there's so much to see/do around Lancaster County & beyond that you need more than a weekend! Paulette has taken us to Winterthur & Longwood-both are awesome day trips! With baby J on the way in June, not sure if I'll make it to PA in 2011 or not! I'd love to bring RJ out-he's never gotten to experience PA yet! Sounds like you had an awesome day with your Mom--enjoy all those chances you get!!
    Aunt Jean

  5. This sounds like a place to take the "sistas". Love all the pictures!

  6. Fabulous photo's Kirsten. There's a place near here thats a bit like that called Newmans. I really must go there for afternoon tea (I'll take Marg when she comes to visit )

    That looks like the kind of place I could do a LOT of financial damage and I dont even like gardening.

    I LOVE smoked salmon too...that looks sublime.

  7. Kirs-I'd never heard of Anthropology before until this post-over on Pioneer Woman today & tomorrow-she's giving away 3 $250 gift certs to Anthro.-post a comment on your fav Cmas gift-I was post #24,689-fat chance of winning!!! Does she read all of those? I'm sure she has a random selection----

  8. Umm, I think those prints are sun prints. http://www.amazon.com/SunArt-Paper-Kit-10-inches/dp/B002KSKTG0/ref=pd_sim_t_5

    It would be so easy to make them. You just put whatever you want to make a print of on a piece of paper and leave it in the sun for a few minutes. That's it.

    (I was looking for a brussel sprout recipe.. that's why I'm on this page today)