Monday, February 7, 2011

Cinnamon Rolls

While I was making 700 cinnamon rolls in the month of December I wished I could have taken pictures.  The kids had a snow day last week and I decided that we needed a doughy, gooey, sweet treat for an afternoon movie.  Enter cinnamon rolls. 

Rob was a great photographer - capturing some really great "action" shots (see: icing being poured over rolls). 

If you're interested in the recipe, click here.  Otherwise, page down for a little calorie-free indulging! 


  1. Ok, Ive made these before. But because I;m stupid..I actually put them in the pan the wrong way up...

    Of course I didnt realise that until I saw your pictures. Maybe I should go back and have another crack at them.

    Im such a dork!

  2. These look fabulous! I've never made cinnamon rolls before...but I want to now. Yum! Thanks for the link to the recipe. Happy Monday afternoon! :o)

  3. Oh yum, they look so good. I'm not going to make then though as I know that I would eat every last one by myself!