Thursday, February 10, 2011

High Hopes

So, tomorrow is "Valentine's Day" at the kids schools.  I guess the powers that be scheduled the holiday on a Friday so they could minimize the craziness of the sugar celebration. 

I really wanted to make oreo lollipops.  I did a little research and it sounded easy enough.  Um, not so much.  Oh, sure - I bought "Wilton" chocolate wafers and they melt beautifully.  The plan was for me to separate the oreos (I had a 50% success rate) and "glue" a lollipop stick with a dollop of melted chocolate.  It was a colossal mess.  The cookies cracked and wobbled - and the sticks pulled right out.  This was obviously not the most practical use of my time, since I had to make 95.  Grrrrr.....

 I thought about just running to Giant to buy ready-made Valentine's candy bags -  but I just sucked it up and dipped the oreos in chocolate [without the lollipop sticks]. 

Hopefully the kids have low expectations. 


  1. It's chocolate...they'll love it. Kids don't care what it looks like. Now, the Room Mom on the other hand...LOL

    And I'm happy to hear they get a party. LittleGirl's school has no Valentine party. They can bring Valentine's to pass out during recess...just no party. School just isn't what it used to be, is it?

    PS...Who ate the broken Oreos? ;o)

  2. the kids sprinkled them on top of vanilla ice cream!!! I'm not much of a sweets person (I did snack on a couple of ends) - if I had been making salt and vinegar chips, though, - watch out! :)

  3. Is your blog background picture of chocolate dipped Oreos??? Suddenly I am so hungry.

    My kids school requires "healthy" snacks - though they consider Rice Krispie treats healthy - they're a little sketchie on the details.

  4. I love that occasionally you have not so perfect moments. I have them all the time.

    I dont think the kids will care. They'll love them anyway and I think they look just right for Valentines gifts.

    I'm betting you can take the room mother if she gets uppity...

  5. Sounds like something that would happen to me. I'm sure the kids won't mind at all as long as they can eat it and it involves chocolate.
    I like your blog background of the Oreos! Although it is making me crave chocolate!

  6. Your rejects look so good to me! I once went to someone's house and she threw a pan of brownies away because they were undercooked. I can't tell you the amount of restraint it took for me not to take them out of the trash! semi-cooked brownies or crumbly chocolate dipped oreos? nothing wrong with either of those in my book!