Monday, February 21, 2011

What We Saw at the Cabin.....

1. Some beautiful vistas.....

We took a small hike and managed to keep ourselves from blowing off of the mountain.  Our weather went from 72 and sunny on Friday to 33 degrees with 50 mile per hour winds on Saturday. 

one of our signs

love the blue sky!

the view from the top - peering to the other ridges

2.  Some tropical temperatures....inside of the cabin.

The woodstove that heats the cabin is extremely efficient - we try to pack shorts and t-shirts because, inevitably, we're roasting.

88 degrees

4.  Some green.....

I am becoming desperate for green - I'm officially sick of brown and gray.  The green in the moss and evergreen trees provide a welcome sight!

5.  Evidence of wildlife.....

Usually we're so loud on our walks that we never see animals, but I do think that most wildlife is still hibernating (if they're smart).

some deer tracks on the road

anyone know why these woodpeckers peck - they don't live in these tiny holes, do they?

I guess you could say we actually say wildlife - in our bedroom to be, no less.  This little guy and his siblings have made a home in our bedroom - those little beady eyes really creep me out.  Don't worry, I had Rob send them over to Angie and Travis' room, since they like wildlife so much!  :)

6.  Smiles.....

It wasn't the perfect weekend - the weather could have been a little nicer and the attitudes a little less grumpy - but we made memories.  And, we saw some smiling faces!  That's kind of what it's all about, don't ya think?


  1. Lots of great photos of the weekend. The sky is a beautiful colour.
    What is the furry friend that made it's home in your bedroom?
    Sorry to hear the weather deteriorated on Saturday, it looks like you still had a good time.

  2. EWWW..let's rephrase that..."since TRAVIS likes wildlife so much!"
    the pictures are clear with your new camera! glad your family could get away for a few days.

  3. I've never seen a woodpecker hole before so my first thought was that someone had been shotting bullets at that tree.

    It looks like wildlife in the bedroom aside it was the perfect weekend. Ok it would have been more perfect if you could have been in TShirts instead of those massive fluffy jackets but you know what I mean!