Wednesday, February 23, 2011

simply pasta

I could eat this every day.

Crisped pancetta cubes, slow-roasted tomatoes, pasta, red pepper flakes, shredded parm, and Classico tomato and basil sauce.  Simple, fast, utterly delicious. 

On the side - tomato pesto batter bread.  I'll share this recipe soon.  I'm not a very good bread baker, but this was pretty stellar right out of the oven - with a generous helping of butter.  Comfort food to the max, that's what this meal was all about.  

What is your idea of comfort food?  Mine is always carbs - lots and lots of carbs.  Maybe you like a nice pot roast, a big steak, or a huge salad.  Me, I'll take fresh bread slathered with butter and a side of pasta! 


  1. Pot roast and mashed potatoes... it's what you made us when we brought our first baby home from the hospital, and it's been my favorite comfort food ever since. I often give it to other new moms when I take a meal.

  2. Comfort food for me is anything my Mum cooks. And if I'm cooking - it would be a roast or something casserole based.

    I think that's just the right amount of butter for your bread too! I love butter...

  3. Same with me love the carbs, shame my body doesn't love it that much! I was drooling as i read the first sentence, I love that combination.
    The bread sounds intriguing, I think I will want to try that. Love butter too!

  4. I love pasta! That's my comfort food, with a side glass of red wine.

  5. lasagna or mac n cheese- both with fresh baked rolls, red wine and chocolate mousse or brownie & ice cream with dessert. mmm.