Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Best Donut I've Ever Had

We love our cabin.  The quiet, the wildlife, the tranquil surroundings.  There is a little town about 25 minutes away with a great fruit stand, a soft-serve ice cream store, and a Shur-Fine grocery.  The Shur-Fine makes the best donuts I've ever had. 

We discovered the donuts a couple of years ago.  Maybe you remember - I had forgotten our suitcase and Rob had used contact lens cleaner instead of solution.  We raced to the grocery store to buy real solution - and grabbed a few donuts while we were there.  We've been going back ever since.  I also bought myself a pair of jeans at Tractor Supply that day, but that's another story

Even though this is mildly embarrassing - here is a picture of me enjoying a donut from the Shur-Fine.  Powdered and cream filled, baby.  Light and fresh - this is the only time I could have probably eaten three donuts and felt fine afterwards. 

Can you see my desperation?  The fear that someone was going to swoop in and steal the donut from my very mouth?  Not sure what's going on with my neck here, but I just wanted to share!  If you're ever traveling through Orbizonia, Pennsylvania - get yourself a donut and a soft-serve ice cream with hot fudge sauce! 


  1. One word - yuummmmmmmmmmmm

    Oh I hope to get to Pennsylvania one day.

  2. Fuuniest photo of you I've EVER seen. I can see you wolfing that donut down like it's your last meal.

    You've just blown the classy lady image of you I had forever .

    Now I want a donut....