Friday, June 17, 2011

Favourite Thing Friday

It's summertime and so much easier for me to be in a sunny mood.  I have lots of favourites today.  My new sandals, the sunglasses I stole from Rob, the long days, the warm temperatures, and open windows are a few of my favourites today.

But, since this is a cooking blog, I'll share one of my favorite flavors - lemon.

Lemons are so versatile.  They are fresh tasting and smelling - and can be utilized for sweet or savory applications.

I have linked several recipes.  Enjoy!

Lemony Garlic Chicken

Lemon-Herb Potatoes

small red or white potatoes (2 per person)
5 T salted butter
fresh herbs, minced (I used what I grow: oregano, basil, chives, parsley)
1 lemon, juice and grated rind
salt, pepper

1. Boil potatoes in large stockpot until tender. Drain and place back into pot.
2. Add remaining ingredients and cover. Turn stove to high and cook for about 3-5 minutes. I keep the lid on and shake the pot every so often to insure even browning.
3. Remove from heat and serve.

Maryland-Style Crabcakes

Lemon-Ricotta Pancakes

Ina's Lemon Pound Cake

Lemon Meringue Pie

What are your favourite lemon recipes?  Shay made lemon tarts this week -  and,  check out her favourite ways to get through winter!


  1. They all sound so good! I love lemon meringue pie, but I haven't had it in a while. Not a recipe, but I must put a lemon wedge in my iced tea. It's just not the same without it!

  2. yum, we love lemons around here too! i love having a lemon in my water, as well. just made ina's lemon pound cake (made it this week for a friend that just had a baby). i also love making PW's lemon pasta as its quick to prepare and everyone loves in this household! lemon crumb muffins is another one that's delish! ang

  3. I can see I'll be sending Mr. P out to steal some more lemons this week...Love the lemony garlic chicken recipe and wow that pound cake has a lot of lemon!

    I make rosemary and lemon postatoes similar to your herbs ones. Delicious.

    I love lemon so much ...I've just book marked this whole post! Thanks for sharing all these fantastic recipes Kirsten.

  4. Lemon chicken is probably my favorite lemon dish. All your lemony recipes sound yummy!

  5. I love lemon.
    Last night I had a beautiful piece of fish with lemon butter sauce.
    I think my favourite lemon recipe is Ina's Chicken Piccata.
    I'm going to try your Lemony Garlic Chicken this week.I'm salivating at the thought of it.
    I would love to have it tonight, but I'm going out for dinner.

  6. I've just made a lemon meringue pie . It seems everyone love that lemon flavour. I must check out that Lemon cake.

  7. Lemon meringue pie....I love it! I have been studiously avoiding MrsP's post about how to make lemon tarts and now you post about pie, I can feel my will power starting to slip :-)

  8. Lemon meringue pie my favourite....Your post made me feel summery even if I am a tad chilly thanks!