Thursday, June 9, 2011

J-Mar Farms

The last farm I'll be featuring holds a special place for me.  J-Mar Farms gave me my first summer job when I was sixteen.  I worked there every summer in high school and through college.  I even worked there up until the week before I had Josh!  I have many, many fond memories of friendships and lots of fun.  It was hard work.  It was usually pretty hot, and we were almost always busy. 

J-Mar Farms is a family business owned by Jimmy and Debi Markey.  Their produce is fabulous.  They have sweet strawberries, juicy melons, delicious peaches and apricots, and the best corn in the county (or probably anywhere). 

New this year will be baked goods - pies, cookies, cupcakes, and sand tarts. 

J-Mar Farms
2306 S George St
York PA 17403
(717) 741-4767


  1. I had to google sand tarts..

    Now I know where your love of fresh food came from. You're a farm girl from way back!

    Those strawberries look utterly delicious...

  2. I had to google sand tarts too.
    Yumm love your photos. The nearby strawberry farm will have strawberries ready to pick in the next few weeks, yay.

  3. My kids were there just today with their Nana picking strawberries (in this 100 degree heat!). I wish we lived closer to them.