Thursday, June 30, 2011

Isn't it Bromantic?

Last weekend, Rob and his brother husbands took their kids up to the cabin.  What are brother husbands, you ask?  Don't worry, Emma was confused by this terminology, too.  Rob has always been someone who cultivates friendships.  He loves social interaction.  Basically, the term, "brother husbands" is a riff on the TLC show about polygamy called "sister wives".  Get it? 

Rob took my good camera and captured some of their fun. It looks like they had a great time, but do you know how hard it is to sort through 339 pictures, when 275 of them are people shooting guns?

From what I've heard - there was some kayaking, some great food, relaxing by the campfire, fishing, and lots of fun hanging out!

Here are some of the pictures that came home - I'll add my own commentary when necessary!

what Rob calls, "the money shot"


crayfish caught while kayaking - about to meet their doom

boiling up some crayfish - a little butter sauce on the side

shredded beef for dinner

poor little crayfish

Rob's brother husbands - serving up some crayfish

a brother-husband specialty, preserved hot pepper hors d'oeuvre

preserved hot peppers - cabot seriously sharp, and club crackers

can you see the excitement - apparently the picture taking started a mile away, at the gas station

getting ready to head out

campfire relaxation

future brother husbands

the expert giving some tips on firearm safety and stance

a little more advice

the lone girl - willing to brave all the testosterone - pretty awesome if you ask me!

It seems like the weekend was a success.  I received some very tired boys who were wearing big smiles.  A mental health weekend of fun was just what the doctor ordered for them!  A little old-fashioned "bromance". 


  1. Im laughing at the future brother-husbands picture...yep I can totally see it!

    What you call crayfish we would call yabbies. Crayfish here are huge and you call them lobster. Sometimes being your international friend is very confusing!

    Those peppers look lethal..more lethal than the guns!

  2. The money shot is darn good.
    Yes I agree it is confusing, why can't we have the same name for things.
    Sounds like a great weekend, and a testosterone free weekend for you would have been pretty good too.