Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Perrydell Farm

As I mentioned yesterday, I try to patronize local businesses whenever possible.  One of the local farms where I frequent is Perrydell Farm. 

This is an excerpt from their website. 

 Perrydell Farm is a working and fully self sufficient dairy farm. We own 170 acres of land and also rent an additional 180 acres where we plant and harvest almost everything we need to feed our cows.
       The farm was bought in 1923 by Howard Perry. His two sons, George and Roger eventually took over the farm and they had the foresight to start bottling their own milk in 1963. Because of this approach, the farm now supports five families from the milk of only 160 cows. This is quite an accomplishment in todays farming economy
        The farm is now owned and operated by Georges's sons, Tom, Greg, and Chip. Everyone in our family stays involved in the farm, since there is always work to be done. We consider this a blessing in disguise that always ensures our family will be together and close. 

We first started buying milk at Perrydell after our girls took a preschool field trip to the site.  After I learned a little about their history and commitment to hormone-free milk, we decided to try their product.  Rob and the kids will not drink any other milk.  They say the flavor is fresher and better-tasting than any other milk we've tried.  In the past few years, the farm has started making their own ice cream.  We now only buy Perrydell ice cream.

Much has been said about dairy in the past week or so.  I've read that milk causes osteoporosis (huh?).  I've read that no one really needs milk, but that the dairy industry is so powerful that they gained a spot on the My Plate.  I've also read that we are the only species that drinks the milk of other animals. 

Here's the thing: my family loves milk.  We love ice cream.  We love butter.  We love freshly whipped cream.  We love Perrydell. 

At any time (during business hours), you are free to take a self-guided tour on this idyllic piece of land.  You'll see calves, the dairy cows, the bottling facilities, and you can find all sorts of dairy treats in their store.  For a special treat, we'll take our kids to buy ice cream cones and to pet the calves.  This is not agribusiness.  This is a family farm that's been run for three generations serving the community. 

And their chocolate milk?  To.Die.For. 

Do you have a local dairy? 


  1. Do they pasteurize their own milk? I am clueless about how all that works/or doesn't with local farms that bottle their own.

    1. yes they pasteurize and homogenize their own milk. I should know I grew up on that farm and it was the ideal childhood

  2. Yes, they do - great question. Apparently, it is rather rare for a small farm to bottle their own milk - in Pennsylvania and around the country. We feel very blessed to have such a great source less than 5 minutes away!

  3. Interestingly that's about what we would pay for store brand milk here ..but I bet the Perrydell milk tastes much better than store brand blended (probably watered down ) milk.

    We dont have a local dairy here that Im aware of which is a real bummer in my opinion.

    As I was reading this post I wondered what your thoughts are on expensive vs cheaper butter. Do you think there is any difference or is butter just butter?

    1. Milk is composed of solids, fat, and water.
      Taste is almost always improved for most any food by increasing the fat or the sugar. Milk does contain sugar in the solids portion as well as protein. Freshness makes a difference in taste too.