Monday, June 13, 2011

First Day of Summer Vacay.....

School is officially finished for our kids. 

I literally lost sleep over the three library books we thought Emma had lost - I would wake up in the middle of the night trying to think of where the library books could be hiding.  I'd heard she wouldn't receive her report card until they were returned.  If they couldn't be found, Kate told us they would cost us $75 each.  Well, hours of lost sleep later, I guess they'd already been turned in. 

As a seventh-grader this year, Josh took Spanish.  He had to score an 85 percent to move on to Spanish 2 for next year.  Guess what his final grade was?  That's right - an 85.  Skating by, just like his mom! 

Kate, of course, loved every second of third grade.  She was excited to take her PSSA's.  She enjoyed every project, speech, and event of her school year.  Since school has ended (exactly 58 hours ago), she has asked about playdates at least fifteen times.  We have played old maid, sorry, and gone roller-blading.  I think I need to get this girl a summer job.  This child is intense. 

Our plans for the summer are pretty low-key.  Normally we have the chance to visit family in Iowa, but Rob's job is preventing us from visiting this summer.  We're hoping to all pile in the car and drive 18 hours (gasp) south to Florida for at least a week in July. 

Other than that - there will be lots of downtime.  There will be sleeping in. 

Josh is almost a teenager.  He'll be thirteen in July.  He spent the entire weekend with friends.  There was a block party.  A day-after block party.  An end of school party.  At least one of us has a social life. 

There will be lots of this.  Playing. 

Emma's idea of a perfect morning.  Barbies.  Life cereal.  A sister at basketball camp. 

Hopefully there will also be lots of this.  Swimming.  We love to swim. 

I'm sure there will be fighting.  There will be boredom.  But, hopefully we'll also make some memories. What are your plans for the summer?


  1. We're a week in, Kirsten, and so far so good. I haven't heard, "I'm bored!" yet. ☺

    LittleGirl and I are going to sew today. The boys were hired to spread mulch for a neighbor...50 yards arrived in a huge dump truck. It'll take a few days.

    Enjoy your first day! The pool time looks fun. Happy Monday! ☺

  2. It's so weird to me that you're all talking about Summer holidays when Im freezing my butt off in the middle of winter. Your summer holidays are so much longer than ours too. In amongst the "Im boreds< Im hungry and She pinched me " Im sure you 'll hear "Mommmmmmmmm" yelled about 2 bilion times. Im sure you'll create some magical memories though , so have fun!

  3. We are soooo bummed as our the girls that you won't be coming out this summer. Are the kids coming with P &P? You will be missed terribly. The "Games" won't be the same without you.