Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bison Burgers

Much like previous years, with the promise of school starting next week, I find myself making resolutions.  And, like every other year, my list reads the same: be more organized, exercise every day, keep the house cleaner, etc.

This year I bought myself a day planner.  I realize that this is pretty basic - I'm probably the last person on earth to buy a day planner.  I actually love it, though.

I've even started planning my meals.  I know I said I never would, but it does help with making a store list (something else I've recently started doing).  I know I'm not turning into my mom, though, because I haven't started weighing myself every day.  I'll just keep wearing skirts until I can convince myself to exercise daily.

So, anyway - back to my day planner and deciding which meals to plan.  I asked the kids to select which meals they'd like me to make.  Kate requested chicken with creamed spinach and noodles.  Josh requested burgers, and Emma requested grilled cheese sandwiches.  I'm really pinning my hopes on the grilled cheese sandwiches, because the other dinners so far have been hideous.

The chicken with creamed spinach is one of our favorite meals, but I almost think I can't eat chicken again.  I bought a pack of Perdue "all natural" boneless skinless breasts at the grocery store.  I can't pinpoint what tasted so weird about them, but they almost tasted raw even though they were cooked through.  Has anyone else had this experience?  I still almost shiver thinking about it.  Blech.

Now onto Joshua's burger dinner.  Two weeks ago Rob and I bought some bison meat at Gunpowder Bison & Trading Co. I only purchased a pound of the ground bison and when we had a night to ourselves, I made the meat into burgers and grilled them.  They were the best burgers we've ever had - beef or otherwise.  Because the retail store is about 30 minutes away, I bought some ground bison at the grocery store (along with the chicken of ill repute).

I was excited to have a source less than a mile away!

Long story short - we will be making the drive to Gunpowder Bison and Trading Co.  The ground bison from last night wasn't bad, it just wasn't good.  And, it was nothing like the product we had a few weeks ago.  If you have access to bison, I would recommend it.  But, I would suggest finding a local and small farm.  The product we tried last night is a huge company - the flavor really lacked a pure and sweet taste.  I could tell just by looking at the package that we were in for an inferior product.  The color wasn't nearly as bright red.  It looked fattier.

If you have the chance - check out the website for Gunpowder.  They dry age their bison - and the meat comes in any cut you'd like: filet, brisket, tri-tip, short ribs, ground, etc.  They also raise Berkshire pork.  They will ship if you live in the US. 

Here was our disappointing dinner.  Number two in as many nights.  Bring on the grilled cheese sandwiches.


  1. While it looks delicious, I'm sorry the taste just wasn't there. We haven't tried bison, but I'm going to begin researching where I can buy some!

    The last chicken I bought had a weird smell to I took it back for a refund. I think I'll stick to Earthfare or Whole Foods for a while. Something's going on with the chicken!

    Happy Thursday!

  2. I agree, Larri - I bought some really tasty chicken at Trader Joe's - I think I'll stick with theirs. I once tried that Perdue "tender and tasty" stuff - meat should not be that eerily tender. I'll take the tough and tasteless! :)

  3. I have weeks like that, where my meals just aren't right. Last week I bought a leg of lamb to butterfly and BBQ. It cooked really well but was very strong flavored, not in a good way. Even with the marinade the meat was overpowering. I'm pretty sure it was mutton ( old sheep ) not lamb. The dog enjoyed the left overs for the next few days. Unfortunately I don't think Emma will eat lamb again for a long time.
    I always worry when packaging on fresh meat says things like " all natural". What else would/could it be!

  4. I'll often have a run on bad meals ...and then pull one out of the hat that's brilliant. Anyway it doesn't sound like your less than brilliant meals were actually your fault - you had weird meat!

    Im pretty sure Bison burgers wont be appearing on our menu - I've never seen bison in Australia.

  5. We've been talking about finding a source for bison, and there is a farm about 40 miles away that we hope to visit soon. Did you cook your bison burgers any differently? I hear you need to watch the heat so they don't become dry due to the lower fat content. Thanks for the website recommendation. I'm going to check it out.