Saturday, August 20, 2011

What's Growing Today

We're still waiting for tomatoes.  I've harvested two, I think.  It looks like there are lots of green ones, though!

Our red raspberries are coming back into full swing again, and the biggest news of all is that we have twelve figs!  I can't wait until they're ripe.  I promise to take lots of pictures.  Figs are most beautiful when you can see the inside. 

Even though we're kind of in a lull with our produce, our garden is still in full swing - our flower garden.  We've been getting plenty of rain and I think this is the most beautiful our flowers have ever been.  I've started cutting some to brighten up the inside of our house. 

I'm loving this tropical canna lilly.  It does produce beautiful orange flowers, but I think they may be past their season. 


  1. I wanted to ask you about your garden. Our tomatoes are still green too. I thought it was because we got started really late. Your flowers are so colorful! I love the bathroom display! When will your figs be ready?

  2. I love Canna Lillies and had them for my wedding bouquet.

    Your flower garden looks so pretty! Seeing that makes me wish I was a green thumb.

    Whoooo hooooooo- bring on those figs!

  3. Love the flowers in your garden. I hope those figs survive the birds.
    My cherry tomatoes took ages to produce and now I have heaps. It's still flowering and I should get lots more. A pity BP doesn't like tomatoes, sigh.

  4. Wow that's some splash of colour you have in your garden. It's really lovely. Looks like you might put a fair bit of effort into it. These lovely displays don't just happen . Well done