Monday, August 29, 2011

First Day of School, part one

Today is the girls first day of school.  Kate is in 4th grade this year, and Emma is in 2nd. 

They were beyond excited.  Last night they planned out their outfits for the week, packed their lunch for today, and stocked a basket with all of the toiletries they'd need.  I heard them thundering up and down the hallway at 6am this morning. 

They really wanted "curly" hair - so last night after their showers I braided their hair.  Emma's looked a little like she stuck her finger in a socket. 

Without further ado.....the official back to school pictures.  Josh's first day is tomorrow - and it'll be an early picture.  His bus arrives at 7:13 am. 


  1. are you sure kate isnt the teacher?? she sure looks like she could be :) they are the cutest! jacob keeps asking if they'll be right back...this will be interesting!

  2. i love kate's outfit! adorable girls!

  3. It's lovely that they were excited about the return to school. I bet you were excited too.

    Let's see how Josh goes at that time of the morning. I recall having to prise Miss P out of bed with a crow bar ...

  4. Cute Picture! What lucky teachers to have such sweet girls in their classes.

  5. I wish my Emma had been that excited to go back to school each year!
    They both looks so cute.
    I bet you were pretty happy too that they were off to school today and even more pleased tomorrow!

  6. LOVE it..and how their outfits very accurately reflect their personalities! -ang