Monday, August 8, 2011

Just Wondering......

Do you routinely check the pockets of your family members before washing their clothing?

Rob's new wallet is nice and clean. His cards are bent. Let's sugarcoat the situation and say he's a little irritated. 


  1. Oh, dear. Hope it all dried out and he remembers to pull his wallet from now on.

    I don't check the pockets, because I don't do the laundry. That's DH's contribution to the household. It's the one chore he can manage. It's not every day, and sometimes the clean clothes pile up on the dryer...sigh...but I've learned to 'let go' and allow him to do the laundry his way. My kids have learned to dig in the basket for their socks. Those things will most likely never-ever be matched again. LOL

    PS...I launder just my clothes twice a week. I like mine to be pulled straight from the dryer and put on hangers immediately. ☺

  2. At least he has a nice clean wallet. I try to remember to check pockets but sometimes I forget. My pet peeve is Kleenex tissues that I miss, and it's usually in a load of darks. I spend ages picking bits of shredded tissue off the clothes.

  3. I never check pockets...sure ..if I hear jangling I'll pilfer the coins to put in the household money box but otherwise it's every man for himself here!

    I don't believe it's in the job description for laundry to empty pockets...

  4. These photos are GREAT. My favorite is the Home Depot receipts "hang drying" on a picture frame. Ha!

    I don't check pockets.

    Many a matchbox car has been washed. Some rocks, too.

  5. definitely do not check pockets. we just had this arguement again after 10 or so acrticles of clothing were ruined by ink!!! has rob started doing his own laundry yet??