Monday, August 15, 2011

Date Night....

I am not a romantic junkie.  I'll be honest - when I hear someone is having a "date night", I almost always roll my eyes (at least inwardly).  I don't like flowers, I don't keep greeting cards.  Still, I love alone time with Rob.  We really ratcheted up the romance last night. 

We cleaned up the garage.  If you're a true romantic, you're probably rolling your eyes at me right now.  But, for a practical person like myself - a clean garage lasts way longer (hopefully) than some flowers.  And, to me - it's way more meaningful. 

Thank goodness we have a huge two-car garage.  It is shockingly deep.  But, we do have a lot of stuff.  When I say we, I mean Rob.  Tools, kayaks, and just stuff. 

We threw lots of stuff away.  My motto is: if you throw it away you don't have to put it away. 

 We ate a late dinner out on our half-pavered back porch.

It was pretty great.  Country music.  A nice breeze.  Blackened mahi with mango chutney.  I recreated one of our favorite dishes from our Florida vacation. 

What do you do on your date nights? 


  1. I'm not romantic either and neither is Mr. P (although he would tell you he is)

    I cant remember the last time we actually had a date night!

    PS. I love that you cleaned your garage. If only I could get into Mr. P's shed Im sure that would lead to a very romantic evening.

  2. Ha, ha ! Well I have to say that I'm not really into flowers ... but I'm not into cleaning out garages either !!!
    We go to the movies or out to eat ( mainly our favourite Thai )

  3. You crack me up- we are SO much alike. Curt is the romantic in our fam- I always say I don't even like the word "romantic"- it gives me the heebies, just like the word "caress"- blech- and I always tell him to never buy me flowers because the just die, but rather give me herbs or things that I can use and will last :) Practicality="romance" in my eyes! Love that you cleaned the garage!!! I think collecting "stuff" is a Neymeyer trait...Curt caught the bug too. Glad you enjoyed your date!

  4. Awesome! I could have written this post (without the beautiful food photos). I am not romantic. I'll be honest, when I read your title, I was thinking "wow, I really don't like the term 'date night' because it makes me feel old." Then I read that you roll your eyes when you hear it too! I'd rather just say, "Yeah, Brett and I are going out." We don't need to be CUTE about it. Right?

    And I can't stand flowers. They smell bad and die. I'd MUCH rather clean something and feel good about my home at the end of it. Or go eat a TON of food somewhere. Eat eat eat or clean clean clean. No flowers required. And I won't call it a date.


  5. dude we are so the SAME- romance FREAKS me OUT! but i do love doing date nights every week with andy. we always go out for dinner and now since livin in austin we have decided that we will not go to the same resturant twice! so many fun options here! then we usually hit coffee or frozen yogurt! :)

  6. Well, another thing we have in common, Kirsten. ☺ I have only received flowers once from DH...they were left over from an event he attended that night. LOL And that's just the way I like it. No romantics here.

    Isn't it wonderful to have accomplished that clean garage? I was just telling my sister that I believe I could purge almost everything and learn to be a minimalist. ☺

    Hmmm...last 'date' we had was around my 40th birthday. We had a lovely dinner out with some friends. I guess that's a double-date. Happy Tuesday! ☺