Friday, August 26, 2011

Favourite Thing Friday

I am linking in with Shay over at Quilting in my Pyjamas today for Favourite Thing Friday.  I will say at the outset that there are very few meals that please everyone in our family.  I think I may have found one more - hence the title of "Favourite Thing".

This meal is not fancy.  I don't even have very good pictures of it.  But, I think it is a very versatile and tasty option for when you might have some leftover grilled meat or vegetables.  I'm sure somewhere in my subconscious I have seen this concept before.  I'm never sure if my creations are original or if I've lodged the idea somewhere in my brain.  Such is the case with these "mexican rice bowls".

The idea, my friends, is so simple.  I'll show you what we added to our bowls and then I'll try to give you some other ideas for variations.

In this concoction:  brown rice, leftover beef brisket, black beans, shredded cheddar, lettuce, tomato, salsa, and sour cream.

Next week I'm planning to make "gyro bowls".  Spiced ground lamb, rice, feta, tzaziki sauce, lettuce and tomato. 

I think you could easily make this a meatless meal - just substitute roasted or grilled vegetables for the meat.

One more piece of advice - this tastes way better if you can handle a little bit of spice.  I especially like to mix chipotles in adobo sauce with the sour cream.  The smoky and spicy flavor really plays well with the starch of the rice and the crunch of the lettuce. 

Happy FTF!


  1. Well, I'm drooling all over my keyboard. Yummy favorite, Kirsten! Can I join you for dinner when you serve up those gyro bowls? Pretty please?

    Happy Friday! ☺

  2. What a great idea - great favorite!

  3. I LOVE this idea and after our conversation this week shamelessly copied your idea and did taco bowls Thursday night. You are even more of a legend in the Pyjama household than you were before. They were AMAZING!

    I have a feeling these bowls are destined to become some of our favourite things too. (Gyros are called Yiros over here and that's another great idea )

  4. Substitute pinto beans for the brisket and checkpeas for the lamb and you have two nutritous meatless bowls. I'm gonna try them.
    Thanks for the idea!

  5. Mmm, they look fantastic! I had a "steak bowl" at Taco Bell and it was so salty and ick, but I loved the idea. The Greek version sounds just as yummy. Great use of leftovers!

  6. Yum, what night are you having the Gyros bowls, I'm popping over!!!!!
    I do a kind of similar thing with tacos, without the taco shell, lol.

  7. What a great idea! They look yummy!