Saturday, August 6, 2011

Condensing two weeks into seven points

Last night we returned from a two-week vacation.  With the advent of technology, Rob is able to be flexible with his career.  There were a few times that at the close of a phone conversation he said, "I have some meetings this afternoon, but I'll be available this morning".  The meetings?  I guess he was referring to a trip to the beach or the pool.  I have no doubt that he'll have some major catch-up for the next few weeks, but it was really nice to see him relax with the kids. 

To be honest, we really didn't do much.  We also didn't take that many pictures.  We didn't take our good camera with us during the day [to the beach], and our evenings were not photograph-worthy.  Did you really want to see us watching "shark week" on the Discovery channel?  I didn't think so. 

So, onto our two week vacation described in seven short points. 

1.  We ate.  A lot.  And not always healthy food.  I cooked about half of the time.  We also enjoyed some great restaurants. 

eating on the water at the Dry Dock on Longboat Key

IBC root beer - a very special treat

lobster tacos

2.  We arrived home with three less pairs of sunglasses.  I lost one pair of mine in the ocean.  I broke a pair of Joshua's.  Kate left her sunglasses in a bathroom stall in Tampa at Busch Gardens. 

3.  Driving to Florida [from Pennsylvania] takes a long time.  Sixteen hours on the way down.  By the way, there is never a good time to drive through Washington DC. 

4.  Time is flying.  Josh turned thirteen while we were away. 

Josh's new kayak - waiting for him when we got home

5.  We took our kids to Busch Gardens in Tampa, Fl.  Again, no pictures.  Sorry. 

I consider myself a roller coaster girl.  With that being said, I honestly feel like my brain was scrambled by said roller coasters.  Josh loved the crazy rides.  Emma was one inch too short for all of the big rides.  Kate was tall enough but preferred the train.  The one that went two miles an hour.  In 95 degrees with 100% humidity. 

6.  On our way home, we stopped to spend some time with Rob's cousin, his wife, and their family.  They were gracious hosts and we went for dinner without kids, visited the Atlantic Ocean, and watched the Jaguars training camp in Jacksonville.  Our kids and their kids had a blast. 

7.  I loved doing nothing.  I feel like we grew closer as a family.  And not because we went on some exotic vacation.  We didn't spend a lot of money.  We played games, watched the Discovery Channel, swam, laughed, and enjoyed each other. 


  1. Looks as though it was a lovely laid-back vacation...just the way they're supposed to be. ☺ Glad you arrived home and look forward to seeing what you're cooking up in your kitchen! Happy Saturday! ☺

  2. You sounds really relaxed and laid back. I think the kind of vacation you're describing sounds wonderful!

    Sounds like the perfect holiday.

    Happy Birthday Josh! (I remember when he was 11- must mean we've been "hanging out" a while.

    It's lovely to have you back .