Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Darker Side of Our Family....

duh, duh, duh.....the foreshadowing music plays in the background.

Does this look like the face of an exploiter?  

Well, maybe we'll call her an opportunist - or a loan shark.  While we were on vacation, we ate at a local pizza place.  After we arrived, we realized that the restaurant only accepts cash.  We hardly ever have cash, so Rob left to go to a store that gives cash back [after a debit card purchase].  The cash back limit was $40, and we found we still needed a little more.  Enter Emma and her huge handbag.  Maybe it was the look of desperation on my face - or maybe she's just shrewd.  After I asked her if we could borrow $10 she said, "If I give you $10, you have to give me $15 when you pay me back".

When we were telling this disturbing cute story to my parents, my dad remarked, "that's how I started my 'slush fund' in the Navy".  Turns out my dad was a loan shark, too - but on a much larger scale.

When my dad was in the Navy (1967-1970), the men were paid with cash.  But, it seems some of the men were as poor with planning as we were and occasionally needed a little more.

His going rate was:
a $5 loan with an $8 loan repayment
$10 for a $14 repayment
$20 for a $28 repayment

He had a bouncer, a little black book, and he'd stand at the end of the "payroll line" to collect his repaid loan with interest. 

Who knew we had such "entrepreneurs" in our family!

Just so you know, Emma accepted payment in the form of a $15 stuffed manatee about ten minutes after we left the restaurant [in a little beach store]. 


  1. HA HA HA HA HA HA HAH A HA!!!!! This is my favorite post of the week! HILARIOUS! I mean, wow, your daughter is a genius, AND you got to hear of a hilarious Navy story from your Dad! What a day! And how incredibly proud your Dad must have been of his little granddaughter! I just love this story. Thanks for taking the time to share it!!! (And the crossed out word "disturbing" was just perfect. Love it).

  2. Oh and nice touch with the innocent looking photos of both your (BEAUTIFUL) daughter and your Dad. Sooooo innocent.

  3. I suspect that girl of yours has a career in high finance in her future.

    Either that or as an "enforcer" ...

    I cant believe you didn't pull the "I gave you life" card ..."

  4. Ha love this. My Emma is the same, it must be in the name.

  5. Way to go Emma! I bet that Manatee is all the sweeter prize knowing it was paid for by a debtor. LOL

    I stopped borrowing from LittleGirl. Last time I needed a couple of bucks at the grocery, she lent it to me, and then hounded me all the way home for her cash. LOL

  6. The name Emily means industrious. I wonder if the same goes for Emma? Too funny!