Monday, November 15, 2010


1.  I ate three pieces of Halloween candy today.  A sub from Subway, two pickled eggs, 3 pickled beets, cauliflower soup, 2 pretzels, cheddar cheese, red raspberries, a clementine, and a pear - and it's only 3:22.

2.  I had middle school visitation today.  Middle school is exactly the same as when you and I were there.  It's the same play, just different characters.  no joke.

3.  Rob's car is at the mechanics.  He had to drive his entire 30 minute commute with no clutch on Friday.  I'd say the fact that he's still alive means he's pretty talented.

4.  Today Rob realized that the knife I used to cut his apple with [for breakfast] was coated with dish soap.  Sounds yummy, huh?

5.  I'm going to try to make an Asian restaurant-style dinner tonight: coconut lemongrass soup, egg rolls, cucumber salad, and asian relish.

6.  I love Williams-Sonoma and I don't care how expensive it is.

7.  When can I hang my new Christmas wreaths on our huge front window?  Is it really too early?

8.  Josh and his friends have scheduled an air-soft gun war at 5:00.  They're also all in the same club at school - dodge ball club.  Same play, different characters.


  1. It's apparently never too early to hang Christmas wreaths. Cut out the middle man and leave it up all year I say!

    (Personally our tree goes up the first Saturday in December and comes down again before New Year)

    And I think you were chanelling me with your eating today. Sounds like my daily menu. I hope you had the candy corn for breakfast.

  2. How did the Asian style dinner night go? I'm curious!
    P.S. The wreaths look great! :)

  3. it was okay - the lemongrass soup tasted like nothing - and the egg rolls were okay, but too much dough...
    all in all, meh.

    thanks, I'm going to try to change up the middle one to make it look like the other two!!