Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kids Quotes

Don't kids say the funniest things?

Here is a sampling of some of the cute things I've heard lately. 

Josh (in reference to running the mile in gym class) - "Even if I have to throw up at the end, I'm going to run as fast as I can to beat my time from last year".  

Josh (in reference to the middle school dance, during the "slow dance" portion) - "Zach and I were laughing at the couples dancing while we ran around and picked up all the glo-sticks that they dropped". 

Josh (in reference to the middle school dance) - "Jonas doesn't even know if his girlfriend was there". 

Emma (in reference to finding her hairbrush) - "Be a problem solver, Kate". 

Emma (in reference to my profuse gratefulness for cleaning up the kitchen) - "It's because I love you so much, Mommy".  

Kate (in reference to a wrong-number call where I helped the older lady find the phone number she was actually looking for) - "It's called a phone book, honey".

Kate (in reference to her Halloween costume and the initial fitting) - "My only concern, Nana, is the sleeve length and the waist". 


  1. Funny. The funniest: he doesn't even know if his girlfriend was there. HA!

  2. I know, must be a real close relationship :)

  3. I like the phone book comment..seriously funny honey!

  4. Very cute, it's always interesting to hear what kids say.

  5. Kirs-I love to share the story about when "our" Josh was probably 4 yr old-we got to church late & it must have been on Easter or another "full church day" and we had to sit near the front (only place left & not anywhere near where we usually sat), amongst the older, widowed ladies "assigned seats". Halfway into the service, Josh whispers in my ear: "Mom, we're sitting in the "Ben Gay section!" I could hardly keep from laughing out loud! The things kids say! (for you younger gals & those outside the US-do you know what Ben Gay is? It's a stinky arthretic cream that older people use to ease same pain! Anyway-we thought it was a good one-Josh still has a great sense of humor!