Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lemony Garlic Chicken

Today I was baking  for Collage's anniversary party.  I thought that since the oven was already in use and whole chickens were on sale at Giant, I would roast a chicken for dinner.  I had a whole bag of lemons, and a very healthy thyme plant, so I thought I would take advantage of that as well.  I grated some garlic and mixed it with soft butter. I separated the skin from the meat and slathered the meat with garlic butter.  I also stuck some sliced lemons and sprigs of thyme in between the skin and meat and also in the cavity.  I generously sprinkled the skin with salt and pepper and I was finished!

On my way back from the bus stop, I could smell the scent of garlic and lemon floating out to the street.  We also had sweet potato fries (roasted with olive oil, salt and pepper) and peas.  Kate and I give this chicken a solid thumbs-up. It was tender, very lemony, and extremely moist, even the white meat.


  1. Ok, so doing this for dinner tomorrow. Ive got racks of lamb on the go for tonight already.

    I'll report back about whether I murdered your recipe or not.

  2. what a great idea. I never remember to put the stuffs between the skin and meat...the smell must have been awesome as you said...the garlic...yummy

  3. Mrs P - I really don't think you could mess this up, even if you tried. I can't wait to see how it turns out for you!! Even Rob (the chicken hater) liked it. And the skin - I hate to keep belaboring the point, but it was ridiculous.

    Nanci - it's a little gross to be digging around raw meat - but the result is worth it!

  4. Kirsten I just made that chicken, I don't even like chicken skin and I ate some it was that good. That is THE best roast chicken recipe I've ever used. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!