Sunday, November 14, 2010

Date Night

Rob and I had part of the weekend to ourselves.  We enjoyed a trail run, went out for breakfast, and did some shopping.

We thought about eating out for dinner Friday night, but I decided instead to make a special dinner for two.  I explained previously that we rarely eat at restaurants for dinner, and after our meal, I reiterate my position.  Our entire dinner cost less than $26.00.  Admittedly, I did add some ingredients from my pantry, but I'm not great at guesstimating costs like 2 T of heavy cream.

We snacked on smoked salmon with kashi crackers and a cream cheese-caper spread.  Rob grilled while I cooked and we hung out in our tiny kitchen until dinner was ready. 

                                  These were the stars of the show

I found two filet mignons at Giant for $14.41 - reduced because the expiration date was nearing.  I'm not sure if you can tell from this picture, but these steaks were over an inch thick.  I marinated them in red wine, olive oil, salt, pepper, and grated garlic.  Rob seared them over high heat on our grill for two minutes on each side and then finished "roasting" the steaks on the top rack.  I sauteed mini portabellos in butter and added heavy cream, black pepper, and kosher salt.  To.die.for.

We also had browned fingerling potatoes [with the herbs that were rescued from the back porch and are now living in the doorway of our basement].  Roasted asparagus rounded out our dinner for two.

                                                           And to finish

This is a chocolate tart.  I made this recipe for my mom's birthday, but this time I simply used a graham cracker crust in place of the chocolate wafer crust.  I melted some raspberry preserves on top for a glaze and we enjoyed our tart with fresh raspberries and Perrydell vanilla ice cream.

 Our date night was relaxing, delicious, and fun.  While I enjoy cooking, I realize that others may prefer to eat at a restaurant.   How about you?  Do you do date nights at a restaurant, a movie theater, or in your home?  Do you have a favorite romantic meal?  If you're so inclined, give this menu a try the next time you have a few extra minutes, $26.00, and a free night! 


  1. sounds fun! we got out to eat every date night.. well because we get a FREE babysitter :)

  2. Date night looks like fun! I love a big steak and that looks like one fabulous romantic dinner for two.

    Glad you had time to yourselves.

    P.S. We have never done date night - not even when we were dating...sad huh?

  3. Jamie - sounds great! We haven't had the chance to do date nights on a regular basis, but we do get occasional weekends when P&P want to have the kids.

    Mrs P - you should try this big steak - but I know you don't like mushrooms.
    Now that you have the house to yourselves, maybe every night will be date night :)