Monday, November 29, 2010

How to Fill your Living Room...

I hate Christmas trees - don't believe me?  Read this.  Done?

Okay, well this is round #2.  The decision was made to go back to the same Christmas tree farm.  I have very low expectations.   The family that operates the farm has decided that this will be their last year in business.  I'm not sure if we patronized them because it was "Small Business Saturday" - or because it was getting dark.

I was at home making dinner while Rob took the kids to look for the perfect tree.  Apparently the choices were limited to 14 ft or higher.  When Rob made his final choice the man checking him out remarked, "oh, you like the big ones" - I guess he forgot that's all they had :)

So, Rob brought it home and cut it in half.  Seriously. No problem.

The girls arranged the ornaments and untangled the light strands.  They were so excited to decorate the Christmas tree.  Instead of reading a book while everyone decorated, I took pictures this year.  Maybe I'm evolving.

see what I mean about taking up the whole living room? 

we found a stowaway

At least it smells really good in here - and I love the soft lighting of the Christmas tree lights. I'm sitting here looking at the floor right now [underneath the tree], and I don't see too many's hoping we don't have to buy another tree in a week!


  1. It looks good! The kids and Rob did a great job! :)

  2. We get spiders on our tree - you get the cool insects! We ended up with a fat tree, now there's only 2 sitting spots with TV views. Oh well.

  3. Move to Australia Kirsten. Hardly anyone here has a real tree, we all go the man made variety - therefore no needles...and you only need to buy one every 15 years or so.

    That's still one big tree by the way but it looks pretty. I love geting our decorations out. Every year Mr. P tells me we dont need any more and every year I go out and buy some more. I really must count them up this year. We have hundreds.

    I'm itching to put up our tree now!

  4. Have to agree with Mrs P, no real trees here either. They would only last a couple of days here as it's too hot and humid. My parents always used to have a real tree, but I can't stand the needles dropping everywhere, and we usually only have one type of pine tree here that's used for Xmas trees and they don't look anything like your beautiful one. One year we were in the UK for Christmas and we were amazed at how many different and beautiful types of pine you could choose.
    I hope I can put up our tree any day now, as soon as they have finished the verandah and I can get back to "normal".

  5. Emily - I've already killed three spiders. eww.

    Mrs P - If I moved to AUS I couldn't get Newman's Own - they even make fig newtons that are to.die.for.

    Marg - I can't wait until you finish your verandah and take pics of it and your Christmas decorations!! Your backyard looks gorgeous from between the planks - can't wait to see it from all angles!