Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How To Make Inexpensive Presents....

As you can see, I'm trying out a "theme" week here.  I don't have much knowledge to impart, but this week's posts are designed to share a few things I'm discovering lately. 

I really appreciate your weighing in on the cabin prints and I wanted to share with you the end result.  Think my father-in-law will love them?  I'm a little jealous - I think I may be making some for us!!!

I ordered the prints from Walgreens - $2.99 for an 8x10 print.  The frames, if you remember, were on clearance for $3.  I ordered 8 prints but realized that two of them are a little too dark, so I have them lurking behind the chosen prints (in case my in-laws want a change). 

Yesterday, Staples.com had a sale on their 12-month calendars.  Each calendar was $4.99.  I made six of them - and it took me 6 hours.  It was ridiculous.  I'm not sure if it was my computer or the website.  It took forever for each photo to download - and then when I submitted it the first time there was a "problem with the administrator".  Thankfully, when I finally re-submitted at 9pm, it registered and we can pick them up on Thursday December 9th.  Hopefully our family will enjoy the calendars.  And, I ordered six of them for $29.95.  That's pretty inexpensive!

I'll also be bartering my services (cooking) for gift credit at my friend's store.  I've already found gifts for my niece and nephew and I'll be "buying" gifts for our mothers and sisters.  

What do you do for inexpensive presents?  Are you crafty?  Do you re-gift?  I've given ready-made meals, I've given food items (hot fudge sauce, canned peaches, jellies, and jams), and I've tried to be crafty (candles, decorative table runners, etc.).  I can't wait to hear your ideas and strategies for hand-made and inexpensive gifts!


  1. I'm really surprised that you are posting your gifts on your blog. But since you are, I will too. Everyone in our families are getting some homemade goodies - strawberry jam, apple butter, and cinnamon rolls. I might come up with more gifts (I'm thinking of framing some of the kids artwork for grandparent).

  2. Ive seen those calendars on the net and thought they are a brilliant idea. Just never got round to doing one! It's on my list for next year.

    I love the way your photo series turned out. They look gorgeous.

    And I wish I had a skill I could trade for gifts. Ive given food gifts in the past and it always goes down well!

  3. The photos look fabulous framed, you must be so pleased with them.
    I started making a calendar through Apple last year using photos from my holiday in September, they are still sitting there, maybe I should try to finish it for 2012 as it 's a bit late for this year, lol.
    I don't have any fabulous skills either that I could trade for gifts. I do like making food as Christmas gifts. They have to be made at the last minute though as it is too hot here to make anything ahead of time ( unless I make preserves, which I don't!)

  4. Marion - I am pretty sure (okay, positive) that my in-laws do not have the time to be checking here!! :) I can't wait to see your gifts! I think your ideas will be awesome! How did your first batch of cinnamon rolls turn out?

    Mrs P - your special skills make great - If I have time, I'm totally making those pencil/crayon rolls!!!

    Marg - I hear what you're saying about the heat - plus, you'd probably melt if you tried to bake something!!! Preserves are good gifts, but they sure make a sticky mess - it's hard for us this time of year to get good, ripe fruit. You crochet and quilt beautifully - but I wouldn't term that as inexpensive - in time or material - but it's such a thoughtful gift.

  5. Here is another idea for photos. Black and white prints, 8 X 10 have them laminated and they make great place mats...family stuff from cottage is what I did last year. so loved, easy to wash

  6. That's a great idea, Nanci! I'm totally going to do that for our cabin - it will be a huge hit! Thanks for the tip.