Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lunch with a Friend

My friend, Megan came over for lunch on Tuesday.  We both recently sent our six year olds to first-grade, so I guess we're "ladies that lunch".  I am determined to create the "wing" flavor in a way that I can enjoy the flavors without the guilt.  Okay, I don't really feel guilty about eating what I like - I mean, I put egg nog in my coffee every morning.  I guess it's not guilt per se, but simply the commitment to make each bite count. 

My motto is: When in doubt, make it yourself.  I feel pretty passionately that the home cook can re-create dishes at home, and usually much healthier than the restaurant industry or commercial pre-packaged food.  We rarely "eat out" and when we do, it's disappointing.  I always think to myself, "I could have made this, and for much less money".  But, they do the dishes, so sometimes it's a nice treat!

I breaded and baked the chicken tenders, added all the raw veggies I had in my refrigerator, and whipped up a quick blue cheese dressing from my pantry.  I drizzled hot sauce over the chicken. The result: like Mrs P  [who discovered that vegetables taste nothing like salt and vinegar chips], this salad [while reminiscent of a buffalo wing], tasted nothing like the real thing.  It was okay, but when I had eaten most of it, I was "over it".

Moral of the story: Next time Megan and I will meet at Tailgaters for lunch and I'll order deep fried buffalo wings with blue cheese dressing!  


  1. yum! natalie just saw the kids and is freaking out! and she loved the dear pics, too...trav and I got a really good laughed at the story..unbelievable!

  2. Gotta say I love buffalo wings. We call them devil wings here ...seriously (thats what they're sold as - because Aussie's are irreverant)

    Yep sometimes you just gotta go out. I feel this way about caesar salad. I never quite manage to nail it. (how is that possible?) However your lunch looks pretty awesome.