Monday, November 29, 2010

How to Grow "Seed Money"...

My mother-in-law has gifted each of our families with "seed money" for Christmas this year.  We can either donate the money to an organization or family in need.  The other possibility is to "grow" the seed money into a larger amount [to be donated].  So, I decided to invest our seed money.  I bought ingredients to make cinnamon rolls and sent out a group email selling pans of cinnamon rolls.  As of right now, I have orders for 70 pans of cinnamon rolls.

I'll be using the Pioneer Woman's recipe for cinnamon rolls - and each batch makes nine pans.  My plan is to make two batches at one time, freeze and deliver them.  I figure that if I can spread out the procedure I can escape this experience without completely loathing the sight of a cinnamon roll.  Keep your fingers crossed.

Kate and I just finished 18 pans - 1/4 of the way there!

I'll be donating all proceeds.  Part of the money will go to the York Cancer Center Pantry.  The pantry supplies food, toiletries, household goods, and gas money to patients facing financial crisis.  I also plan to contact one of our schools to see if there is a family in need that would benefit from gift cards or cash. 

I hope to involve our family in planning, preparation, and the purchase of donations.  I have found the response to be overwhelming.  I would encourage you to invest seed money in a special project to benefit others.  Do you have a gift for crafts, baking, or something else?  You could find a way to use a little to make a lot and bless someone in need.

I almost didn't share this idea because I feel quite uncomfortable with attention.  But, I'm hoping that this will inspire someone else.  I have been blessed so much and I simply have some free time and an easy cinnamon roll recipe.  My hope is that this idea is successful, that we can bless some families that could use some extra help - and that God would receive the glory.  He has blessed me with a love of food, some extra time, and the desire to spread His love in tangible ways.  If you do decide to do something similar, please share your ideas!


  1. This is such a great idea. I donate every year to a people chairty and an animal charity but growing the gift is a terrific idea.

    We did a cupcake sale at work last week to raise money for one of the local organisations too.

    Good on you for doing this. It's getting the kids involved too.