Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

   Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!

Every year we travel about 30 minutes east to my in-laws for a delicious Thanksgiving meal.  We have a tradition in which we all share what we are most thankful for [usually in the past year].  Last year we were fresh "off the heels" of two clogged, I stammered out at the table, "I'm thankful for plumbers and sinks that aren't clogged".  Yeah.  I'm real deep like that.

This year I'm planning to say that I'm thankful for the health that the Lord has blessed our family with this year.  I am humbled by the blessings that are continually showered on us every day, every week, month, and year after year.  I am grateful for the safety and health of my children.  I am thankful that our material needs are met, and for the love that lives in this house.  Mostly, though, I'm thankful for God's work in our lives and His very obvious presence in our hearts.

That's about as emotional as I get, folks.  And, now, back to my practical side.

I am almost always the "dessert person" - which is funny, because I don't really like dessert - but, thankfully, everyone else does.

This year, we will be enjoying a chocolate tart, an apple pie, and a pumpkin pie.  (recipes are highlighted, feel free to click away)


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Kirsten-Have a wonderful day with the family! The desserts look wonderful-especially the chocolate! I'll have to try that one soon-although I don't make pies or sweets unless I have somewhere to take them cuz RJ doesn't eat sweets. Our dessert table on Sat.(so far) will include Gma's famous "grahm cracker pie" (aka coconut cream); Marcia's pecan pie and Sara's pumpkin cheese cake! I'm cooking a 20# turkey & Ilene is cooking the ham; I'm making cheesey hash browns (sorry-no mashed potatoes!) and the rest will be supplied by the rest of the fam. Sounds like Aaron/Linde & fam will be there, as his surgery has been postponed till Monday. I just did a head count and we're at 40 so far-plus if any of John's fam comes. Sounds like Sat. weather should be good- Have a blessed day--give thanks!! Aunt Jean

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Kirsten to you and your family. Im living vicariously though all my American friends and their wonderful food pictures today.

    And even with all of life's little challenges we still have much to be thankful for dont we?

  3. Oh Kirsten, I shouldn't have looked at this at 6.15am, it's made me so hungry, I'm drooling just looking at those beautiful photos.

  4. Oooh and I completely forgot, Happy Thanksgiving, hope you had a lovely day.

  5. I'm loving the extra large dessert pictures!

    Thanks for sharing with us today!

  6. Thanks, everyone!! Thanksgiving was delicious, filling, and very fun.

    Jean - I so wish we could be there to celebrate with the fam - have a great time!!!

    You're right, Mrs P - we do have so much to be thankful for - but then our country plows right into what else we "need" for Christmas - remind me to not go anywhere for "Black Friday" anymore!!!

    Wish I could have shared a piece [of each] with you, Marg!

    Emily - I hope you had a great Thanksgiving...and that you're all getting healthier!

  7. Ummmm how was the chocolat tart? it does look yummy

  8. Hi Nanci -
    It was really good, actually! I am not usually a dessert person, but a chocolate person I am!! If you find yourself so inclined, it's a very easy recipe and is pretty much fool-proof.
    Have a great weekend